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  • $ 3 Start price
    • Telegram Channel Members (online)
    • Real Member for Channels
    • Real Telegram Members is randomly added from countries of Iran, India, Korea, Iraq and Russia. Unpredictable member behavior.

      It may be out of the channel or not view your posts. There is definitely a drop in this service *Type: Channel Only / Payment: Bitcoin,Web money, Credit Cards,Pay pal.

      ✅For Channels
      ✅ 100% Legit
      ✅ 100% Real accounts
      ✅ Active members
      ✅ Low Leaving rate
      ✅ No need to username password

  • $ 1 Start price
    • Telegram views
    • views for telegram posts
    • Telegram views – Increase Telegram channel posts in a short time.With this service, you can easily increase the number of visits to the channel and even increase the number of special post visits quickly and increase the desired number of visits.Note that this type of visit is done with a robot and is not real. / Payment: Bitcoin,Web money, Credit Cards,Pay pal.

      ✅For Channels
      ✅ 100% Legit
      ✅ 100% Offline accounts
      ✅ Offline members
      ✅ 0% Leaving rate
      ✅ No need to username password

  • $ 8 Start price
    • Targeted Members (for Groups)
    • This is usefull for Blockchain, IT, Media & Consulting companies
    • Real Telegram Members -You can easily acquire their customers with the help of Target Members, or attract members with the subject of your group. To better understand this issue, it is better to mention the simpler expression of this type of member./ Payment: Bitcoin,Web money, Credit Cards,Pay pal.

      ✅For groups only
      ✅ 100% Legit
      ✅ 100% Real accounts
      ✅ 100% Targeted Members
      ✅ Low Leaving rate
      ✅ No need to username password

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Telegram targeted members

A new and exclusive method by us that attracts the right members for your telegram group. With this method, you can extract the IDs of competing customers or members of the groups you need and make them members of your group.

buy telegram targeted members
telegram targeted members
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Telegram members

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