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Add Admin to Telegram Channel

Add Admin to Telegram Channel

Add Admin to Telegram Channel – Adding Admin to the Telegram Channel: As the primary administrator of a channel, you may want to continue to be your channel’s chief executive because of the many occupations you have, but designate one or more other managers for your channel. To make your tasks lighter.

Each telegram channel has only one main or constructive command. The chief executive can also add multiple administrations to his channel and give them authority.

How to Add Admin to the Telegram Channel:

First run the Telegram app. On the Telegram homepage, select your channel. Once logged into the channel, now click on the channel name or photo at the top of it. On the page that opens, click the setting icon that looks like gear. Now enter the Manage Channel window. Tap the Administrators option. By the way, the Administrators option can only be viewed by the channel administrator that created it. You can see the members of the channel in this section where you select the new admin.

Then you enter the Edit Admin section. In this section you enable the activities and authorizations you want to assign to the new admin, including:

Change channel info (Enable or disable changing channel info)

Post messages (enable or disable posted messages)

Edit messages of others (Enable or disable editing others’ messages)

Delete messages of others (Enable or disable delete messages of others)

Add users (enable or disable add user mode)

Add new Admins (Add new admin by current admin)

So the main admin will review and edit the list of options it wishes to assign to the new admin, and will enable or disable any that it wishes.

Then tap the checkbox at the top right of the screen to save the changes. As a result, the reach and capabilities of the new manager are less than the original admin or channel builder.

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