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Admin signature on telegram

Admin signature on telegram

Admin signature on telegram – Insert Admin’s Signature with Telegram Channel Messages (Admin’s Telegram Signature): Another feature of the telegram is to add the administrator’s name as his signature along with the messages he has sent. The time comes when you build a channel and as a channel administrator you want to include your name in all the messages you send to your channel members. This way users or members of the channel receive all the admin messages along with his account name, and when the channel has multiple administrators, the same name for each administrator will be included in his message.

How to Insert and Add Admin Name with Messages: (Admin’s Signature on Telegram)

Run the Telegram Messenger. Click the channel you want on the home page of the telegram. You are now logged into your channel. Now at the top of the channel, where you see the channel name and image, tab. On the page that opens, tap the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen. From the menu that opens, select Edit to edit. Now, at the bottom of the page that opens, click on the Option drop-down icon, the sign messages option, and activate it. Finally, to save your edit, click the checkbox at the top of the page. It’s just that we’re done. As a result, all messages you send as a channel admin will now be sent along with your account name. When a channel has multiple administrators, the administration’s signature insertion becomes more applicable. In this case, the messages of each person will be included with his signature. It has its own informational aspect. Also, channel members can easily find out which admin sent each message through the signature of the admin. If you are also a channel admin at Telegram, you can add your account name to your channel messages.

It’s also worth noting that your old posts, which the channel administrators previously sent will not change, and only the posts that were sent after activating the sign message option will be signed.

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