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age limit Instagram

age limit Instagram

age limit Instagram- Here we want to talk about age restrictions on the Instagram social network that the epidemic of the Instagram social network causes social harm to those who are young and especially children who have installed this program. To hurt.

But according to reports, Instagram cyberspace has added features in its new updates that we can easily specify at what age they can follow our page and use our page.

But to do this, using the owners of large screens as well as high-traffic, which makes the subject less inappropriate to be displayed to those who are young. But even if you have a page that is not visited and for any reason, you do not want your videos to be seen by young people, you can get help from this and this feature. But for the age limit Instagram has considered a new trend.

And also in this new path, when you want to create a new account in the virtual space of Instagram; You must enter your year of birth first. “From today, when we create an Instagram account, we want your date of birth,” Instagram said. Also, under our laws, you must be at least 13 years old in most countries to have an account. this information; Prevents those who are younger from joining Instagram.

And of course, this virtual social network has another new feature in line with (age limit Instagram). And also accordingly; Business accounts can set (age limit Instagram) for their profile followers. But as you can see in the picture; This feature helps you set an age limit on Instagram for viewing profiles, posts, and stories.

And revenue generators can also easily set age limits on Instagram variables in different countries. This feature can easily be very useful for brands that seek to comply with regional restrictions. For example, in Australia, those who can drink alcohol at the age of 18, but in the United States, to drink alcohol (In most areas) you must be over 21 years old.

This new feature could also alleviate the concerns of businesses that are age-restricted in selling their products. Do this and also ensure that adult content is not exposed to age restrictions for teen users.

“These conditions prevent children from using this Instagram app,” the Instagram social network said. “It also helps us make our children live more safely and have age-appropriate experiences.” As for Instagram’s cyberspace audience, they can easily link their account to their Facebook account, but through Instagram, it removes its information from your Facebook profile, and if you change your date of birth on Facebook, in the section Instagram information will also change.

The social network Instagram has also said: “But the date of birth of your audience is not supposed to be visible in their account, and also this information is only to confirm the necessary Instagram account and only in the account information section, for someone “The owner of the account can be seen and seen.”

And now you have the option to check your mobile phone number and email account in the cyberspace information section of Instagram, which is why those who are under the legal age did not have a mobile phone or email account at all.

But according to research conducted by David Steer, about 2 million 12- to 15-year- old who has a cell phone and e-mail account, which was the reason for the new option of this program, the age limit in the large space of Instagram users.

And now we want to know how the age limit is applied in Instagram cyberspace?
And in response, we must say that how to determine the ages of users and filter them depends only on themselves. Instagram users are asked and he answers that he should not provide any evidence for the answer! Then users can easily falsely claim to be older than they really are in order to be able to use it.

And you should know that there are two tricks in the age limit. First of all, if you are a Facebook user, your date of birth will be read from that account. And of course, it is quite normal that in this case, you are over 13 years old to be a member of Facebook.

And of course, research has shown that Instagram will not only be used to limit age in cyberspace. In the not too distant future, Instagram plans to add the ability to advertise for target age groups to its ad packages, and perhaps make a lot of money from this trick and even Instagram users who make money from products. They also have a special interest in selling and offering, and they make a lot of profit from this method, which is close to emerging and make a significant profit.

But the good news is that Instagram has strengthened its control systems for sending direct messages, as well as limiting the number of direct messages received by users with a new option. In the new update, only the people you follow will be able to invite you to add their Instagram groups. All of these changes, according to the collections, will take place in a few weeks.

Also in this article and in this article in general, we can say that the social network Instagram has made its final decision to build strong against children joining this social network and hopes that it can protect children from harm in this way. Maintain the Instagram environment.

In fact, our children should not see inappropriate content or photos and videos that are appropriate for their age, and in the future, it will have very bad effects and over time will be shown in their morals, behavior, and speech. In fact, children enter into issues earlier than the age that causes them to lose their childhood and they will reach intellectual maturity in life in the near future, and they will experience the worries and anxieties of adult idiots, and it will cause them to Adolescents and young adults achieve very severe and irreversible depression.

However, many users will announce their age in these higher virtual spaces due to these irreparable problems, and you should wait and see what Instagram will offer to solve this problem. Surely, in order to do less harm to the community, Instagram will soon offer its solution to users in a practical way.

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