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Anonymous Forward on Telegram

Anonymous Forward on Telegram

Anonymous Forward on Telegram – How to forward a message without naming its source? (Anonymous Forward): We have already trained you fully in message forwarding at Telegram, dear users. Today we want to teach you how to forward a telegram message without mentioning the source.
There are a number of reasons for hiding a source’s name, the most obvious being that we do not want the source to be shared where our message is shared.
Because when a person sends a message from its source to another person, channel or group. People in that group or channel can enter the dialog with the message source. Now if you don’t have the resources to do so, you should either not forward or forward the way we teach you.

Anonymous Forward on Telegram
There are times when you don’t want to copy a message from one group and paste it into another. And you want to do this through the forwarding method. But because your entire forwarding source is identified in the group you are sharing the message with, you are not very satisfied.
There are many people who would like to have their forward source name not specified. Unfortunately, the telegram app itself does not have this capability and you have to use other methods such as running the telegram plus program which we will teach you further.

Anonymous Forward on Telegram
How to forward a telegram message without naming its source or anonymous forwarder:
One way to forward a telegram message without mentioning the source is to use the Telegram Plus version.
Because the telegram app itself doesn’t have this capability.
So run the Telegram Plus program. Then select the text you want to forward for a few seconds. Now select the first arrow in the upper right corner of the screen. The difference is the first right arrow to the side arrow in the forward display.
So after selecting the first flash you enter the area you want to share your text with. For example, you enter a dialog in one of the contacts, groups, or channels you want. Your message will be shared without mentioning the source. This means you do the forward task but the source name is not specified.

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