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Auto video message

Auto video message

Auto video message – Disable automatic playback of telegram video messages: As we said, video messaging or video messaging is one of the new capabilities of the telegram that requires updating the telegram application. There are some great features in the telegram, one of which is the video messaging feature that lets you communicate with your audience.

To learn more about how to work with a video message, we recommend that you first read the section on sending a video message to the telegram before learning this topic to learn more.

But we’re going to discuss today. The Telegram app downloads and plays all your received video messages by default. Some people may be reluctant to download and play their video messages by default for any reason, as this may harm those who have low volume internet and cause them dissatisfaction. But there is no dissatisfaction, as the telegram software enables you to disable auto-playback of videos at any time and manually or manually open them at any time.

How to disable Auto video message:

To deactivate, first click the three-line mark to the left of the telegram and from the popup menu, select the setting option to enter the telegram settings. Now select data and storage from the available list. This option means information and information storage. Now in the window in the automatic media section you will see three options. All of these options are about disabling video messaging, of course, depending on your needs. Now let’s explain the options:

When using mobile data: Disables automatic download of messaging video in mobile data mode.

When connected on wifi: Disables the automatic download of the video message when using WiFi Internet.

When roaming: Disables automatic download of video when in roaming mode.

After you have selected one of these options, a check box will appear at the bottom of the window that is gray. Here’s an option called voice / video messages that you need to uncheck, and then tap Save to save the settings.

Auto-download of your video messages is now disabled.

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