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Basketball robot usage

Basketball robot usage

Basketball robot usage @Ir_basket_bot (Basketball Robot Usage): Run the Telegram app first.

Then on the Telegram homepage, select one of the dialog boxes. You can even choose your own dialog box.

Then type @Ir_basket_bot at the bottom of the dialog. Send the message now. As you can see, the color of the text you send is blue.

So our robot address is enabled. We tap on the blue text to guide us to the robot dialog box.

In the chat window with the @Ir_basket_bot robot Before you hit the bottom of the screen, you will see a description of the @Ir_basket_bot robot’s homepage.

Now tap on the “Start” button.

The @Ir_basket_bot basketball service menu includes the following options, each of which we have explained to your loved ones.

Option “Contains Basketball Training Menu”: Includes sections 1. Growth of Children and Basketball Impact on Growth 2. Jump Training to Improve Basketball Jump 3. Five-Week Basketball Fitness Program 4. Main Menu

Option “Olympic Basketball Results Two Thousand and Sixteen”: Basketball robot usage

Includes first day to tenth day games, quarterfinal results, semifinal results, final and standings results, main menu

Option “Download Olympic Basketball Games Two Thousand and Sixteen”:

First-10th Day Games, Quarterfinals, Semi-finals, Finals and Standings, Main Menu

Option “Basketball Players Biography”:

Includes two options that explain the biography of the Iranian NBA players and the American League players.

Option “History of Basketball Rules and Errors”:

Includes menus: Basketball, Basketball Genesis, Basketball Birth, Play Time, Rest Time (August Time), Twenty-Four Seconds Rule, Equal & Extra Time Points, Player Replacement, Double Rule, Running Law, Three Seconds Rule, Half Rule, Error Ring Top Ball Contact, Personal Error, Non-Sporting Error, Discount Error (Dismissal), Technical Error, Five Error Rule, Main Menu

Option “NBA American League Team History”:

Sends you the names of all NBA American League teams with a history, basketball robot.

Infographic and Basketball Option:

Fewer pics and a comparison of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

“Download the Olympic Opening Ceremony of Rio Two Thousand and Sixteen:

Clicking on this option will send you the download link.

Iran Basketball Channel option:

Which is a suggested telegram channel of the robot @Ir_basket_bot and you see its membership ID here, which guides you through the channel and you can look up.

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