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Block on Twitter

Block on Twitter

Block on Twitter on Twitter is a feature of this software for all its users and other audiences, although note that this feature is available on all social networks and can be used.

Blocking can be defined as a way to prevent harassment of other people and Twitter users, as well as some people who do not want some users to be in the accounts or for any other reason do not want a user. On Twitter, so they try to block and block the account of the person in question.

Of course, it is necessary to mention a point at the beginning of the article in such a way that if you block and block a person’s Twitter account, note that the person in question has not been blocked and only his account has been blocked. This phrase means that the person can access your account with another account.

Therefore, according to this article, we will explain how to Block on Twitter

This can be done by blocking people and their accounts using two items. In the first method, it is using Twitter software, and in the second method, it is using a Windows version.

To block people using Twitter software that is installed on mobile phones, first it should be said that in Android and iPhone versions, blocking and blocking people in a way is a tutorial that is included in this section. When can we use both?

There are two ways to block people’s accounts through its software. In the first method, you can refer directly to one of the person’s tweets, and then you can see the low arrow icon next to all tweets. Select Block @username in the window that appears.

In this way, you can easily block the account of the person in question through his tweets. Now, in the second method, you can act in another way, by referring directly to the account of the person you have decided to block, then you can click on the Settings option in the published person.

Now a window will appear for you in which there are many options. Now you have to select the Block @username option, thus you have blocked his account.

But there is another way of blocking people’s accounts on Twitter, which is done using its website. To do this, you must do it the same way as in the software, in the sense that you can refer to the person’s tweets and Selecting the Block @username option, as well as referring to the people’s account and selecting the settings option on each person’s page, finally chose the Block @username option, thus blocking the people’s account on the Twitter website.

Unblock and unblock people

Sometimes it is possible that after blocking and blocking a person, you try to unblock it, or you have mistakenly blocked the person in question. Click on your profile and select Settings and privacy in the menu that appears, where you will see many options.

After selecting the above option, you should now select the Blocked accounts option. If you select it, you will see a list of people you have blocked in your account, in which you can remove the person you want from the list. Find and delete your block and hold your mouse over the name of the person you will see the Blocked option.

Now, after holding the mouse on this option, you will see that it will be changed to the Unblock option, and with this process, the person will be out of the block, so that he can be followed again and follow the Lord’s account.

Tips used in Block on Twitter

The first point in this section, which is very important, is that in no way after you find someone on your Twitter will not notice your action and notification and notification to him that You will not be blocked if you block them, and you will not notice if someone blocks your Twitter account.

So it can be concluded that it is not possible to find out on Twitter who has blocked us in their account and also other people can not understand that we have blocked them in only one way. ‌ You can notice this action and that is when you refer to the person’s account, in which case you will see a message equivalent to that your account has been blocked by the person.

Another point is that after blocking people, the person in question will be automatically followed and you also can not follow him or he will follow you and all the person’s tweets will not be displayed in your timeline and you can not Access them and of course your tweets will not be displayed to him.

In general, it should be said that after blocking people by yourself or you are blocked by other people, there is no way to communicate with the person in question, and the person in question can not send you a message according to the direct section. Send him a message too.

Also, after being blocked, the person in question will not be able to see all the information in your tweet account and will not be able to tag you in his other posts. In this way, other people can be tagged in your account without this action. Be informed to block.

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