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Bold telegram message

Bold telegram message

Bold telegram message – Teaching Bulldog and Linking Text Message to Telegram (Bold telegram message): Bulldog means that your message text is thicker than before.

Bolding in the telegram application is done in two ways:

The first method is to send messages to the robot

Method 2) Bubble-free messaging with the trick

Below we will teach you two ways to serve loved ones. Stay with us .

The first method )

How to bold and link text messages by @bold robot: (Bold telegram message)

The robot edits your text in either Bold or Bold and italic or inclined. It also has the ability to link your text.

First run the Telegram app.

Bold telegram message

Then on the Telegram homepage, select one of the dialog boxes. You can even choose your own dialog box.

Then type @bold at the bottom of the dialog box.

Send the message @bold now. As you can see, the color of the text you send is blue.

So our robot address is enabled. We tap on the blue text to guide us to the robot dialog box.

In the chat window with the @bold robot, before typing in the bottom of the “Start” button, on the robot’s homepage, has sent you a description of the tasks of the @bold robot in English.

Tap the Start button at the bottom of the screen.

Now command


Type and send, to make your text both bold and italic.

Bot text linking:

To link to the text, type and send the following command:

@bold [type your text] (your link)


@bold [Business Products] (

The second method )

How to get the message out without a robot:

There is a trick in the telegram messenger, where you can send and share your messages on the telegram without using a robot.

To this end, run the Telegram app. Go to the chat window you want on the main screen. Type two stars before your message. Type your message and double-star it again.

Portions of your text written between two stars are blown out. Example message:

Hi ** Active Group Members **

In this text, the active group will be sent in bold format, and part of the text that is simple will be sent permanently.

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