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Bot Father

Bot Father

Bot Father – Store Bot @ Botfather Telegram (Bot Father): You can enter your sales channel or sales group by the store robot. Store Bot @Botfather is a store robot. You can sell your business products as a channel or business group administrator.
How to Use @Botfather Telegram Store Robot: (Bot Father)
Sign in to the Telegram app first. You will then see a list of your contacts dialog boxes on the Telegram homepage. Open one of the dialogs. For example, consider one of your target audience. Then log in to your contact’s chat page.
Now type in the @Botfather message field. Note that there should be no gap between Odysseus and the robot’s name. Then send it like all your regular messages. @Botfather is now visible in blue. Tap on @Botfather to enter this robot environment.
Now tap “Start” at the bottom of this page.
Now tap on the manage button. You will then be taken to the management section. Tap on the new category button as you want to group your products.
Enter the new category name now. For example sofa
You then enter a description of your new category. for example :
There are sofas in this category.
Sign in again to the admin section. Enter the new Product and Product Management section. Then select a name for this product. for example :
Sofa Code 70

Bot Father
And you enter a description of this product. Example :Bot Father
Available in blue and white. It is also very comfortable and durable.
Now be sure to unplug your keyboard and enter the price in USD. Then tap the submit button and upload the photo of the product.
The final question for @Botfather is, do you want to group your products? At the very beginning we started to categorize our products.Bot Father

This tutorial has been translated into several languages by the Fast Group team

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