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Change email on Twitter

Change email on Twitter


Change email on Twitter is one of the things that many people try to change after entering it in their Twitter account for any reason.

First of all, Twitter is one of the programs that have more than one billion users, which was first created and founded by Mr. Dorsey, and then other people participated in this project, and Are determined by its main factors.

Twitter initially operated with restrictions on people’s posts and tweets, such as the SMS system, which did not allow long texts to its users and audience and only allowed people to post their tweets. Put 140 characters in their posts, but later this limit was changed to 280 characters.


The advantage of this limitation in the number of characters in the tweets in the sets can be pointed out to this man that the amount of time and time spent by people reading and adding tweets is not exceeded and they do not need to spend long periods of time. The purpose of providing Twitter is to convey the margins and news to the shortest title and fast transfer due to the short text of the tweets.

Many users have been attracted to this software because of the same restrictions because when this limit was changed from 140 characters to 280 characters, many people protested on Twitter and demanded that this feature be restored to its original value. They were their own.



Twitter initially used this restriction due to the existence of SMS in that period of time, but then used this feature as its special basis, so using the brief acquaintance received from Twitter Some people delete their account and create a new account after using Twitter for a while.

To create a new account, because after deleting their previous account, their account is still stored in the Twitter system for 30 days, so in creating a new account, they can not use their previous email name until the time period. Thirty days pass and their account is deleted altogether.



Therefore, people use this trick to change their entered email before deleting their account, and then delete the account, and quickly and immediately create a new account with the same name as their email. . Now change your email on Twitter using these methods.

Change email on Twitter

There are two ways to change the email address entered in your Twitter account. In the first method, you can change your email using a computer and a computer, and in the second method, you can change your email address. Using its software in Android and iOS versions, we have briefly stated each of them for knowledge and training.


Change email on Twitter using computers

In general, to change the email address in Twitter accounts, you should refer to the settings and details of your account, and there change the email address of the credit and enter a new email, and finally save it to save the actions taken. To be.

So, according to this short explanation, it can be said that first, using a computer or mobile web version, refer to the Twitter website, and after opening it, enter your username and password for you to enter. Move your user page and make relevant changes there.


Now in this part and on the left side of your page, you will see that there is a three-point option that must be taped to display all the available options for you, and then you must select the privacy and security option Select the option that includes setting and privacy.


After selecting this option, you will see that in the next menu, there are many options that you must now select the Account option, and in the next section, on the right side of your page, you will see the actions related to email.

Now in this section, you must select the option to update the email, and in the next section, it will ask you for your account password, which after entering it and selecting the Next option, in the next section, you will have to enter your password again.


Now you have to enter your Jade email address and if it is confirmed, Twitter will immediately send you a message in your email that you must open and copy the message that contains the code to confirm your account and in Add this part and finally select the blue tick to record your process.

In the same way, your email address was easily changed, now in the next method, using its software.

Change the email entered on Twitter using the software


To change the email address in the software installed on your mobile phone, refer to its software, and on the desired page, tap on your profile picture at the top of the page, so that in the next part, the option that is displayed for you Select Settings and Privacy in this field.


After that, like the previous method, you must select the account option, and then select the email option, and on the next page, you must delete your previous email address and enter your new email.

Of course, before sending a new e-mail, you must first enter your password, and after confirming it, enter the new e-mail, and after sending a message from Twitter that contains the confirmation code, you must open it and Enter the code field and finally register the relevant actions by selecting the blue tick.


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