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Change phone number

Change phone number

Change phone number – Tutorial on Changing the Phone Number in the Telegram: You may have never been aware of this telegram feature that you can change the phone number with which you created the account in the telegram. There is a feature in the telegram that allows you to transfer all your account information to a new number after changing the phone number in the telegram.

To change the phone number first run the Telegram app.

Click the three-line icon at the top left of the telegram page. From the menu that opens, select Setting.

A window will open for you that has multiple sections. We work with the info section here.

You will now see your contact number in the info section. Which is in the country code and then the number you used to create the account in the telegram. Now click on your phone number, which is indicated by your country number. You will now enter a window at the bottom of which is the option to change the phone number or change number. Then click on the change number option and enter your new number. A window will now open for you to type in the five-digit security code the telegram sends you.

So you have to wait a while for the telegram to send this code to you on its telegram chat page. Now type the received code into the window you want.

Change phone number

This will change your number. Your previous number will also be deleted from the telegram. Of course, those who had your previous number on the telegram will receive your new number. So all your telegram information, such as groups, super groups, chats, channels, and your favorite content, will be redirected to the new issue. That is, changing your telegram information number will not delete it.

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