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Change telegram background

Change telegram background

Change telegram background – Complete Tutorial on Changing Backgrounds in Telegram: (Changing Telegram Background):

Today, we want to teach you dear users, the tutorial on changing the backdrop of the telegram dialog page. So after reading this you can see your favorite background image on your telegram dialog page.

In the Telegram app, you can have a backdrop that suits your interests and tastes. Also, simply change your backend environment by changing your backdrop.

You can choose a beautiful and happy background for your telegram. Your backgammon chat telegram is the most common part of your phone, but it has a huge impact on your mood.Change telegram background

How to change the backdrop of chats in a telegram: (Change telegram background)

First run the Telegram app. Now on the main page of the telegram, click on the three icons in the upper left corner of the page. In the menu that opens, tap the setting option to enter your telegram settings section. A window will open for you. Now in the setting section, tap on the chat background option.

A window will pop up containing default images for your backdrop chat. Now if none of the default images catch your eye, you can choose one of the photos stored in your phone’s gallery.

To do this, tap on the first box in the lower left corner of the screen. A menu opens with options:

frome camera – frome gallery – cancel. Select the frome gallery option. You can also choose frome camera if you like.

And take a photo right from your phone and pick it up as your backdrop for a telegram chat. Finally, you need to tick the top of the screen to have your settings finally saved.

You will see that your chat page backdrop will change as well as your backdrop menu.Change telegram background

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