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Change the language of the telegram

Change the language of the telegram

Change the language of the telegram – Learning to Change Telegram Language : One of the features of Telegram Messenger is the multilingual support of this program. This allows the members of the telegram to work in a language they are familiar with. Users use the app more easily than the eight languages ​​available in the telegram. Which is the default language of English telegram. Now you need to know how to change the language of the telegram or make it the default language.
How to change the telegram language:
First run the Telegram app. For the Telegram app settings, go to the settings section and view and manage all your settings.
To do this, click on the icon on the top three lines of the telegraph bar on the left and from the menu that opens there is a gear-like option with settings called setting.
Now select it and click on it. A window will open for you where you will see sections including:
info – setting – messages – support, each containing items. That we work with telegram settings and settings. So in the setting section, find the Language or Language option and select it. The telegram directs you to a window containing a list of telegram languages, including eight languages. Select the language of your choice from the languages ​​you see and list in this list.

You will also not find Farsi in this list. There are, of course, some ways to use the Persian telegram. You can also set your phone’s language as default or system default. As soon as you change the language of the phone you will see that the texts of all the contents of the telegram application will change to the language you want. The default language for the telegram application is English. You will also see the name of the new language you have already selected in the Telegram settings window in the setting section in the language section.

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