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Change the telegram group photo

Change the telegram group photo

Change the telegram group photo – Tutorial on changing the group photo on the telegram: (Change the group photo on the telegram) If you plan on changing your group photo and replacing it with a new one, or if your group is out of profile, this might be useful. Here’s how to change your group profile photo.

How to change the group photo :

To change the photo of the Telegram group first run the Telegram app. Then, on the Telegram homepage, find the group you want to change your profile photo to, then click on the group you want to enter.

You are now in the group chat environment you are looking for. Now tap at the top of the page where your group’s name and profile picture are located. You will see a page open. Click the camera icon at the top right of the screen below the three dot icons. A menu opens with three options:

From camera – From gallery – Delete photo

From camera: At the same time, you can take a photo of your favorite image suitable for a group profile photo with your camera. Then a popup will prompt you to type ok. You will then be able to resize or adjust your photo with the photo editing options that appear below the menu in your photo. Now by selecting Set in this menu, your group profile picture will be changed to a new one.

From gallery: This section guides you to images and photos you have already saved in your gallery. Selecting this option and then tapping on the photo as the new profile photo of the group opens a menu beneath the photo where you can adjust the photo settings and finally by selecting the Set option in this photo. Menu, profile picture of your group will be changed to new photo.

Delete photo: Selecting this option will delete the group profile photo very quickly.

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