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Change Twitter password

Change Twitter password

Change Twitter password, or any other social software, including Instagram, Telegram, and other items is very important for people and users who use this software and to maintain the security of people’s accounts, you must choose passwords. Be careful and do not use simple and easy passwords.

How to change the password of people’s Twitter account is very simple and does not use a complicated method, and everyone can easily change their password using the tutorials in this article.

It is very important to change the password in the accounts because if you choose simple passwords, you can be hacked by other people, and if you lose your account, people will abuse your account and the information in your account.

So to prevent other people from hacking your accounts, the best way is to constantly change your password every once in a while, and if you change your password regularly, you will remove the possibility of hacking from the profiteer but Be careful when choosing a new password and use strong and secure passwords without giving your password to anyone.

How to Change Twitter password

To change your password, which is a very simple way, it is possible to use mobile software as well as its browser version, and in this article, we will teach each of them.

Therefore, in the first part, we will use its software, which you must do to open the Twitter software that is installed on mobile phones. And they are not much different.

After opening the software on the front page, go to your profile at the top of the page and tap on it to open its menu for you. In this case, in the menu that appears, which is the sidebar, you must select the Settings option. and select privacy, which is privacy settings.

In the next section, you must also select the Account option. This option has been set for the settings of people’s accounts. After selecting it, you will see that among the available options, the Password option must be selected so that your password can be entered in this section. Changed.


In this section, you must first enter the current password of your Twitter account, and then after entering it in the next section, which is New password, you must enter your new Twitter password. Finally, by entering the new password, select the Done option to register the new password.

According to this tutorial, you can easily change your password through Twitter software, and of course, there was another way to change the password, which is using browsers, which for this method must first go to the Twitter site. Visit and after logging in, enter your username and password.

Now, after logging in to your account, select the More option, and then, after selecting the above option, you must select the Security and privacy option from the menu that is displayed for you, after which another part will be revealed to you. In this section, you must select the Account option under the settings and click on it.

After selecting the above option on the right side, another menu is displayed for you. Now, among the options in this menu, the Password option must be selected. In the next section, it will be seen that you will first be asked for the password of your Twitter account and you must enter it, and after entering it in the next box where New password is written, you must enter your new password. Keep it in mind when choosing a new password, because after entering the new password and if you want to log in to your account, you have to enter it correctly, and if you get it, you will have problems accessing it. Finding a password is available on Twitter, but it can be done in complex ways, so enter your new password correctly and keep it in mind.

Finally, after entering the new password, confirm it. To do this, select the Save apple option to register the process.

The important point here is that by using any of the methods mentioned in this article, it is possible to forget your current password, which you must enter first, to change your Twitter account password. In this case, you can not change your Twitter account password until you enter your previous password, so in the next part of the tutorial to reset your account Twitter password.

Learn how to change your Twitter password

Before teaching this method, it should be noted that when performing this process and setting a new password, sometimes it is possible that Twitter will not send you the old password, and choosing it correctly and confirming the steps will be sent to you immediately. It allows you to enter a new password, so it can be said that this is another method of changing the password, which is done directly in this field.

First, before learning how to reset your Twitter account password, it should be said that for this operation, the browser or mobile device is the same, and in the Android and iOS versions, it is the same, and to do that, it is enough to go to the Twitter site. Or its application installed on your mobile phone, what Android and iPhone, and when you log in to your account and in the part where you have to enter your password, refer, now you do not remember your password, so in At the bottom is the option where forgetting the password or forgotten password is written.

Now click on this option on the next page to which you have been transferred, in the section and box that is displayed on the page you want, in which you must enter the name of your Twitter account, then at the bottom of it. There is a blue option box, which is search, which you must click on after entering the username.

After selecting it, Twitter will reveal a message to you stating that your password will be sent to the phone number you saved in your Twitter account or the email address you put in it. Select each of these methods, ie email or phone number, and then select the continue option, after which Twitter will immediately send you the account password in your email or mobile number, which will be sent to you. There is a code that you have to enter in the next step to confirm your account, then after that, you have to enter a new password for your account, the percentage of entering the new password you have to repeat it twice and as Enter it in the same way because it will not confirm if the passwords change, so select the submit option after entering the new password.

Your account password has now been changed.

Now the important question in this section is why should you change your Twitter account password?

To answer this question, we can mention one of the problems that have recently occurred by a group called Chuck Squad, such that recently the Twitter account of Jack Dorsey, who is the head of Twitter, was created by this group, after confirming this news. زیادیMany racist and insulting remarks were posted on Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account � Immediately after these posts were deleted, so according to these statements, it can be seen that hacking the Twitter account is something that can happen to anyone, even the boss and the creator of that post. One way to keep your account from being hacked is to change your password every once in a while.

Another part of this section is that people say that by choosing a strong password, there is no need to change the old password, but to answer this question, it must be said that the password you choose for your account must be very strong. And be complex, which is suggested for its complexity, and your password can be used in the form of a combination of letters and numbers, and also different forms that do not create a special meaning together, but due to the hacking of the Twitter account. It is safe to say that a strong, sophisticated password is still not enough to keep your account from being hacked and that Twitter users should change their account passwords from time to time.

Another way to protect your Twitter account from hacking and other abuses is to use the method and activate the dual authentication option. To use this feature, you must select the two-factor authentication option in your account settings. Enable � In other words, by activating this option, when logging in to your account, in addition to having to enter the account password, the recipients of Twitter accounts must enter another verification code that will be sent to their phone number by Twitter. Also enter and if that fertilizer is approved, you can log in to your account.

To activate this option, you must proceed in this way by clicking on your profile in the Twitter software, and in the menu that appears for you, select the setting and privacy option, and in the next section, select the Account option, and in This section should also select the security option.

In the next part and in the first part, you will see the login verification option, which you must select, and in the next part, which was displayed, select the start option, and in the next part, you must enter your Twitter account password to Twitter. Confirm you and then the confirmation code will be sent to you by Twitter, which is a six-digit code and you must enter it in the cathode on this page, after which you must log in to your account in addition to the password Enter another password account.

Therefore, in this way, you can activate a two-step password for your account, which is the same for both Windows and mobile versions of Android and iOS versions, and in the same way, as mentioned, you can activate this option.

Use the methods mentioned above to protect your Twitter account and your privacy, after choosing complex and difficult passwords, change your password after a short period of time to take action to protect your account.

Another point that should be stated in this section is that you should not tell the password you choose for your account to others and other people and just keep it so that people do not use your account with this device and also if You will be logged in to your Twitter account using the systems, computers and mobile phones of those around you. Be sure to select the exit option, because if you do not do this, your account will remain active for them.

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