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Change Twitter profile picture

Change Twitter profile picture

Change Twitter profile picture is possible for everyone who uses Twitter and is known as a user, and there are very easy ways to do it and the steps that can be taken to do it through It goes on to say that action must be taken.

Considering that all people who are on Twitter and have an account in this software can choose a profile picture for themselves or put a profile picture on Twitter at the very beginning of creating and creating an account, and of course, it is possible. Changing the profile picture is for all users and there are no restrictions to do so.

The profile picture is an important part of any social software, and on Twitter, choosing the right profile is one of the most important features for people to use.

At the beginning of installing Twitter and creating an account, in one of the steps of creating an account, you can select a profile picture for yourself and then complete all the steps, but sometimes people do not do this and leave their profile without any They leave a photo and try to put a new one in another time.

How to Change Twitter profile picture using its mobile software

To change your profile picture, you can do this in two ways, in the first method using the software installed on mobile phones, and in the second method using browsers, which in We have included both methods in this section.

The first method is to change the profile picture in the Twitter account using its software, which you must first select the Me option in your profile section after clicking on the software and referring to your account, and click on it.

Now on the next page, you will see the View profile option, which is also located at the top right of the page, which you must select. Next, you must also select the Edit Profile option, which is to edit the profile. Kurds.

Now in this section, you will see the profile settings, where you must select the option to change the profile photo, and then select the desired photo from your photos menu in the mobile gallery.

Of course, the important point in this section is the possibility of placing the text in the bio section or introducing the person in this section, or you can see other items in this section that include the number of followers as well as the number of people. View the follower and date of birth and tweets you have posted so far.

Finally, by doing all the above, select the Save option at the end to update your profile picture.

Change Twitter profile picture using a browser

To change your image in your Twitter account, you must first go to the Twitter site, and after entering your password and username, refer to your account. In this section, you must click on your profile picture at the top. Until the menu appears for you.

After that, you have to select the Profile option in the menu in front of you, by selecting which you will enter your profile page, and in this section, many changes can be made for your account, and now you have to select the option to change your profile image. Select the Edit profile that is placed next to your profile picture.

By selecting the above option, you will see that you will be redirected to another page which is for profile change actions, in which you can make changes for each of the sections related to your profile, but to change your profile image. You have to tap on the profile picture where the camera icon is also placed and select it so that its options will appear in the next section.

In this case, you must select the Choose existing photo option, after which all the files on your mobile phone will be displayed to you, and in order to access the photos on your mobile phone, you will need a three-line icon in this section. It is located at the top of the page and is equivalent to the option of more tools to select the gallery option in the menu that appears later.

After selecting it, you will see that all the photos on your mobile phone will be revealed to you, and you can select your favorite photo.

The important point in this section is that after selecting your desired photo in both methods using mobile software or using a browser, it is possible to change your image according to its size. And select your desired size or specify the part of the photo that you want to be displayed in your profile in the photo.

This is because profile photos on Twitter must be square, and most photos are rectangular due to being taken through mobile cameras, and you have to measure the size to select the above photo in the profile. Determined himself.

Finally, after determining the size of your photo, you must select the Use option to put the above photo in your profile and for everyone to see it if they see your account.

According to these cases and the tutorials that were presented in this section, we explained the methods of changing the profile picture, which in the first method was using its software and in the second method was done using browsers.

Finally, you can change your profile picture without any restrictions and use your new photo in your profiles and increase the attractiveness of your page.

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