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Change Twitter UserName

Change Twitter UserName

Change Twitter UserName is a part of Twitter that many people change their username and ID after creating an account on Twitter. If you also decide to change your username on Twitter, stay tuned in this section. And teach you how to change your username.

Username or UserName is the name by which every person on Twitter knows you and follows your account. In fact, it should be said that the username on Twitter is a unique name that is specific to each person. And it is unique and if a person chooses a username for himself, others can not choose the same name for themselves and must be different from the names used before.

It should be said that there is a username on Twitter and a profile name, which is the same as UserName, which we briefly introduced in the section above, but the profile name is the name you choose, and if any person logs in, Your account can watch this name.

Note that your profile name can be used multiple times and many people can use it, and just like the UserName name does not need to be used only once and by yourself.

On the profile page of each person, first, the profile name of the person is written, there is no restriction for selecting it, and it can be written in any language, but at the bottom of it, there is a username or the same UserName that is displayed for people.

How to Change Twitter UserName

It is possible to change your username on Twitter using web versions and software, so in this section, we have taught each of the methods.

To change your username on Twitter using computers and web versions, you must go to the Twitter site and after logging in, enter your password and username to log in to your account. Transfer on Twitter.

Then, after logging in to your Twitter account, you have to tap on your profile in the section of your account, and in the next section, you have to click on the Settings and Privacy option.

Of course, it should be said that in some versions, this option will not be revealed directly to you, and if it is not, you should select the More option, and then in this section, you will see the desired option, which you must select now.

Now, in this section, you will see the Account section, in which case you must enter your desired name in the Username section and type it.

Of course, note that there are restrictions for choosing this name, such that the name entered must be unique and also can not be more than 15 characters, and of course less than that is possible.

Finally, after entering the username that is a unique name, and Available message will appear which means that the desired name has been successfully selected, in which case you must click on the Save Changes option at the bottom of the page to select the username and perform the desired process to be saved for you.

But in the next part, to change the username through its software, it is on mobile versions, which in order to do it in both Android and iOS versions, you have to act in the way that is described for each of them in the following.

Change the username and UserName in the Twitter application in Android versions

To change your username in Android, which is a very simple and easy way, first, open your software and click on your profile, which is located at the top left, to show it to you in the next section. to be given.

In this section, you must select the Setting And Privacy option, and on the next page, you must also select the Account option. Now you will see that another page will be displayed for you that there are many options that you should now select the Username option and click on it.

Now enter your username in this field and like the man mentioned above, choose a unique name and finally save your actions so that the change of username is done correctly for you.

Of course, in this section, it should be noted that in any of the methods that you change your username, it is possible that your username does not change immediately for other people and your friends, and it should take some time to The change should be updated and this problem is not from you and is due to the Twitter site.

So after changing your username, if your friends still see you with the same previous name, there is no problem and eventually, this name will be changed for them.

Change username and UserName in Twitter software in iOS versions of mobiles and iPads

To change your UserName name in iOS versions, you have to open the Twitter software on your mobile phone in the first part and tap on your profile on the opposite page, which is on the left and top of the page. Click until the next part is revealed to you.

Now you will see a menu appear in which in this menu you have to select the Setting And Privacy option which is the settings and privacy option and finally by selecting it in the next section you have to select the Account option.

On this page, you must also select the Username in the box that is related to the username and on it, so that you can enter your new username on the next page, despite all the conditions mentioned above.

The point that you should also pay attention to in the section is that in general, changing the username is the same in all methods, and there are only small differences in them, and in each of the methods you try. The same thing can be done in other ways.

Important Tips for Change Twitter UserName

In this section, it is necessary to present the important points that you encounter when changing the username. The first point that can be mentioned is that when changing the username, one cannot use a series of words that are forbidden. These words and names include Twitter and Admin, which you are allowed to use when you are using an account that is officially on Twitter.

The next point in this section also includes the fact that for more information about the restrictions that exist for choosing a username on Twitter, you can refer to the Twitter Help Center and learn all its restrictions for choosing a username, and Then select a new username.

Another point that can be stated and addressed in this section is that in Zakani when people want to address you and your account, it is enough to select the same username for your UserName and before that from the checkmark. Abbreviation @ Use, In this case, you will be informed about this easily by contacting.

Of course, there is another thing in this section for tagging or mentioning that people only need to use this UserName name along with its acronym that @blashs, and after this mark, put your username. They have actually tagged you below their posts.

Another point is that in choosing your username, you should only use the letters of the English alphabet and you can not use the letters of other languages or your username can not be chosen in other languages.

People who have received a blue tick on their Twitter account and see it next to their name should note that if they change their username, they will also lose their blue tick.

In order to change their username and still keep their blue tick safe, they must be in touch with Twitter before doing so and inform them of this action and then change it afterward.

Another part that exists is changing the profile name, to change it, there are no restrictions for people to choose a new name, and it should be done only in the following way.

Rename your Twitter account profile

To change the name displayed in the section of your profile to any can be done, to do this, just select your profile picture and tap on it, and now select the Profile option in this section.

After selecting the desired option in the next section that appears for you, you must select the Edit profile option and click on it.

Now in the box and the section in front of you and in the relevant box where name is written, you have to type your desired name without any restrictions and in any of the languages, and finally, by selecting the option SAVE, which is placed at the top right of the page, save the above process so that this name will be placed on your Twitter page.

Therefore, using the method stated in this section, you can choose your profile name, and you can choose from duplicate names or any items and restrictions that exist in choosing the UserName name for you in this section, and None of the above is included for the profile name.

This section is in demo mode and others can not use this name to tag your Twitter account under their own posts or other posts, and if they use this name, your account will not be shown to them.

In general, unlike Facebook, Twitter has made it possible for its users to easily change their username and profile name because the audience and users can use a username for a long period of time if they get tired. To diversify and motivate to stay in your account, it is possible to change the name.

Because many people, after getting tired of the repetitive process on Twitter or other virtual networks, after a while, try to delete their accounts on virtual networks, so Twitter uses this trick to make this possible for its users and audience. Minimized.

For this reason, Twitter has been selected as one of the ten most visited sites in the world, and the number of visits by people and Twitter users is very high, and this can be justified in its popularity, and of course, the number of Twitter users to more than one billion The world has arrived.

According to the methods and tutorials that we mentioned in this section, you can easily change your username and profile name using the Twitter website or its software in Android and iOS versions. Giving them acted in spite of the restrictions and conditions mentioned above.

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