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Changing Telegram Theme

Changing Telegram Theme

Changing Telegram Theme – Tutorial on Changing the Telegram Theme (Changing the Telegram Theme): Another feature of the telegram application is the theme setting dialog. With this feature you can customize your telegram environment and set your telegram shell by default.
Or customize your telegram theme.
So follow along with our tutorial on changing the theme of the telegram.
How to Change the Telegram Theme:
Update your telegram app first. Then run your telegram application. Now on the main page of the telegram, click the three-line icon at the top left of the page. Now from the menu that opens, select the setting option to enter your telegram settings.
In the settings section, there are options for you to select the Theme option. You will now be redirected to a window where you will see the default Telegram themes in this section, including:
Default – Blue – Dark which, by selecting them, will change the theme of the telegram environment. Next to each option, there is a three-point mark that you share by clicking on the three-point icon of that option.

Changing Telegram Theme
If you don’t like the default telegram themes, you can create your own custom theme by selecting the “create new Theme” option at the top of the same theme window.
Then it will ask you for the name of your custom theme. Type the name of the theme you want and click on the three dot icons for your theme. A menu opens with the Share – Edit – Delete option.
The “Milk” option will share your theme. The “Edit” option edits your theme and by selecting it you will see an icon in the upper right corner of the screen, which you can then change the shell color of all parts of the telegram.
Now save your settings by selecting the Save Theme option at the bottom right of the page.

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