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Changing the channel's original admin

Changing the channel’s original admin

Changing the channel’s original admin –¬†Changing the channel’s core management: There are channels whose managers work in different areas. For example, business channels that are built for business.

Some of these channels have a lot of members, and their managers (which means the channel’s chief executive and creator) may, for some time, intend to relinquish their channel to someone else.

It is very important to change the core management of the telegram channel. Because you have to pay a lot of attention to this. The best option is to introduce multiple administrators for your channel and stay the same as the original administrator, which we already explained in full tutorial on adding admin to the channel.

But if you want to completely delegate your channel management to someone else, you need to nominate the channel’s creator and CEO.

The important thing here is that when you hand over your channel to someone else, you are given the power to manage all of your groups, your channel, and your personal account with the person who becomes the new chief manager.

So if you’re still planning to outsource your channel management to someone else, do so with full awareness.

Tutorial on Changing the channel’s original admin:

First run the Telegram app. Tap on the icon on the top three lines to the left of the telegram. Then select the setting option. As you can see, a window opens, in the info section you will see your account’s SIM card number, which you must tap on. In the next window that opens, you need to change your account number in the change number section to the number of the new admin who purchased your channel. After approval, the next five-digit code will be sent to the new administrator.

To continue with the steps you will need to obtain this five-digit code from the buyer and after you enter that code, the steps you have completed will be approved.

Likewise, the original and constructive admin of the channel changes.

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