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Clear telegram cache

Clear telegram cache

Clear telegram cache – Deleting Occupied Old Files: All people working with the telegram program will be faced with a considerable amount of memory space on their phones or hard drives after a while. This is because all the information you download or send by telegram is stored in the cache of your phone or hard drive. So once you download your desired files you can easily open and use them without having to download them again. Unfortunately, though, the telegram cache has the advantage of having to free up memory space. Emptying and deleting cache speeds up your phone and provides enough storage space, thereby managing newer files.

You should know that telegram cache only contains information that has been downloaded and stored in memory, such as photos, music, videos and files.

If you have to clear some of your telegram information due to lack of memory space, don’t worry because you can go to your channel or group anytime you want and need it. Download it again.

Here’s how to remove the telegram cache.

To delete the telegram cache, log into the Telegram app and click the three-line checkbox at the top. Now go to the settings tab, setting then go to the data and storage section and go to the storage usage option to use the storage and tab. The cache settings window opens, where you can see three options: keep media – clear cache – local database.

keep media: This option is for the duration of care and retention of information and includes the options week 1 ie one week, month 1 ie one month, forever means forever, so you choose one of the following After a while your data will be erased in the cache.

By selecting forever you can keep files in cache forever. Until you have to erase them.

Option 2 Clear cache file settings window: Click on it to see your telegram cache information. Here you determine which group of your information should be completely erased, including photos, videos, documents, and other files.

The last option is local database. That is, the cache database. All your chats are stored in a database where you can erase all the chats in the cache from this telegram.

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