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comment on Instagram

comment on Instagram

comment on Instagram– The first thing is that the content that you provide to the user should be valuable and with appropriate content and should attract the attention and attract visitors to your page and not be similar to previous posts on the virtual page. This is one of the reasons why you get fewer comments. Either your content was repetitive and unattractive to the reader, or your text was not useful and was spam.

As mentioned in the previous text, you may have a lot of time to write content, but the number of comments from your audience and page followers is low. We will teach you complete title writing.

Here we have to tell you and teach you that having a good title and content will not bring you any comments. Because you have forgotten an important principle that is actually attractive, you should write the content of your text concisely, usefully, and concisely, and fill the slide with attractive, eloquent, and engaging designs. Now the question is why should we do this? The same case we mentioned. Anyone who is stingy on Instagram will not grow.

For example, like someone who leaves a post and the audience and followers visit and they reach the good and attractive parts of the story that he sees the user mentioned in the last slide of his page that if you like this post, comment and like And express your opinions and it is clear that in such cases the follower does not comment and like.

To get a good comment, be sure to pay attention to the time of publication of the post, and when you leave a post immediately after waking up, and also publish your post on the page immediately after you leave, comment, and like You will not take. And you do not get an answer during these times.

For example, if the content and what you publish is good, great, and attractive, but when it is published at 4 in the morning, it will not receive any likes or comments. It is as if you are opening the best and biggest supermarket in the middle of a desert and waiting for a customer in an empty desert. So we conclude that leave a post when your contacts are online at that time and see your post and leave an Instagram comment for your post.

Another thing is to follow the order on your Instagram page and page. If you are supposed to post every night, then post every night, and if you decide to post on even days, be sure to do so. In order for the audience and followers to get used to you, then the audience is waiting for your post, and sometimes you have to be more visible to the audience and the audience will show interest in your post.

So why should there be less text and more images ?! Instagram is not a site or blog where you put a long article for your contacts and followers. Originally, Instagram was created to share attractive and special photos and videos, and Instagram users on this social network are not very interested in reading and long texts.

Strictly refrain after publishing long text content with a boring or dull look that seems repetitive to viewers, and it is forbidden because the follower will not leave a comment for you. And it goes without saying that followers and followers are related, and this is very important.

The next thing is that the order in publishing the content should be very careful in choosing the posting pattern. A specific pattern provided the quality is maintained every night. At the cost of losing the audience! At the cost of losing tolerance!

Your posting pattern should be in line with your abilities. Our suggested patterns: Publish this post daily on even days, one post (four days a week), one day, one post (three days a week), and what to do. In the subject (Instagram on the comment), he noticed that not paying attention to the empty space and the amount of textual content makes the post unreadable, so he will have fewer comments.

Well, Instagram comments are very important. Many users read other users’ comments below the posts, for example, when a user has a page selling clothes, other users visit the comments of that post to be sure. For Instagram users.

Instagram on comment is very important, you may ask why? The answer is that the interaction that a comment creates for your page is much greater than the interaction that creates a number of followers and a number of likes. On the other hand, responding to commons can help increase your engagement.

The first step is that if your page is public, you have a very good chance to receive comments, because the post of public pages enters Instagram Explorer and anyone may see it, and vice versa, if your page is private, the number of views, likes and comments Restricted to followers.

Step 2

Turn on notifications Turns on your account notifications so that whoever left a comment for you will be notified immediately and you will be able to read, like, and respond to the comment very quickly.

Step 3

The general public does not comment on posts that have simple and trivial content and do not even like. Try to include good content in your posts that the user is willing to share.

Step 4

Create a content calendar that your general users will like. Posts that have very repetitive and old content do not encourage the user to read the post, let alone leave a comment.

Step 5

Ask your users for their opinion. In this case, it will help you a lot. Suppose you left a post with the content of buying a house. Ask users to comment on the location, price, etc. of that house or their friends who visit that house. They need to be tagged.

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