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Convert group to supergroup

Convert group to supergroup

Convert group to supergroup – Group Conversion Tutorial in Super Telegram (Converting a group to a super group): One of the capabilities of a telegram is to convert a group into a super group. If this is the case, you will need to update your telegram to get new features.

The supercomputer’s managerial credentials and the supercomputer’s duties are far greater than the group’s. Because there are more members in the super group. So it’s much more difficult to manage.

Members of the super group can also have up to 5,000 members.

How to Convert a Group to a Super Group in a Telegram: (Convert a Group to a Super Group)

First run the Telegram app. Now on the Telegram homepage where you see the list of all your chats, find the group you want to convert to the super group. Then select it and tap on it. Now scroll to the top of the page and tap on the group name or group profile photo.

You will see that a window will open for you. Then tap on the three dot icons in the upper right corner of the group page. To open a menu with the following options:

Set Admin Admin


Convert group to super group convert to super group – Convert group to supergroup

Delete and leave group Delete and leave group

Add shortcut Add short cut

Select the option to convert to super group which means convert to super group. A window will open. In this window also select the option to convert to super group.

A warning window pops up that warns you that it is not possible to convert a super group to a normal group. Choose OK, regardless of the warning above, to create a super group.

Now you see the following statement:Convert group to supergroup

This group was upgraded to a super group

Now you can select a few more managers for your super group to oversee the super group in your absence. To do this, tap on the members of the group for a few seconds and select Promote to admin from the menu that opens. You see them coming in as administrators, and as you can see, the supermodels have stars next to their names.

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