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Create a Create a Twitter account

Create a Twitter account

Create a Twitter account is one of the main parts of using any social software, and because it is one of the most popular programs among users and individuals, it has many fans, and how to create an account in it is as follows. We will express.

Considering that Twitter was first founded and founded by Jack Rossi in 2006, it has since become very popular around the world and has gained a lot of popularity among users.

Currently, the number of users who use Twitter has reached more than one billion people, and considering this high level of use, one can be aware of how popular this program is among users.

Of course, there are many social networks, each of which has gained its own popularity among users, but Twitter due to the great speed in sharing information and resources to it. It has become a unique social software and therefore distinguishes it among other users.

In fact, Twitter is known among software as software that plays the role of news, and through it, you can get a lot of information that is the news of people’s daily lives and even bring them to Contract sharing.

How to Create a Twitter account

There are two ways to create a Twitter account and it can be done. The first method is through the Twitter site, and the second method is through its software, and for each of them, we have provided the following content for training.

To create an account on Twitter in the first method, which is using the Twitter website, you must first log in to its site. After entering the site, you will see that all the public posts posted on Twitter can be seen in the category sections.

But the limitation for people in this section is that people who have not created an account on Twitter can not comment on the posts on the page or even like them, so to do this you must first create an account. Make.

So in order to create your account, you have to tap on the signup option at the bottom of the page and select it. Now on the next page, you will see that there are different boxes in each of which you must enter your own information.

The first box is for selecting the name and the next box is for the phone or email number, one of which you must enter to confirm as desired, and in the next box you must create a password for your account.

After entering the said items, click on the blue box at the bottom of the page, which is the Sign Up option, to be transferred to the next page. On this page, you will also see that if in the previous section, in the box related to email and Or you have entered your phone number, the email in this section will ask you for the phone number.

If you enter the phone number, it will send you a code that you must enter to confirm your mobile number to be transferred to the next page. Of course, it is also possible to select the Skip option in this section without entering Move your mobile number to the next page.

In the next part of these steps, you must select a username for your Twitter account and after selecting it, click Next. Now, in this section, your Twitter account has been created and Twitter welcomes you, and then you have to select the Let’s go option.

On the next page, Twitter shows you options by selecting any of them that you are interested in, and in fact, by doing so, it will inform you of your interests. Which should you select the Continue option?

On the next page, Twitter asks you if you want your friends to follow you and your Twitter account via Gmail or Outlook. If you wish, you can select any of them, otherwise, you can select the No Thanks option and move to the next page.

But finally, in the last part of Twitter, it suggests a number of people who are famous on Twitter for you to follow their accounts, and on this page, you can follow some of them, and finally, the Follow option. Select & continue to perform the account creation operation correctly.

In the next part, which is the last part, on this page, Twitter asks you if you want to receive notifications for follow-ups from others, as well as notifications for sending messages through others, which if you agree with, you must select Select Turn on notification, otherwise the Not now option must be selected to complete the process of creating your account.

This way, you can easily create your Twitter account through its site, and you can follow a number of people, or even they will follow you and publish your posts on your account. But there is another way to create an account on Twitter through its software. To use this method, you must first download the software suitable for your mobile phone and then install it, and then you must follow the instructions. The things that are said acted.

After opening the Twitter application on your mobile phone, according to the Android or iOS version, select the Get Started option on the first page that is displayed for you. Now, on the next page, you must also enter your name. Enter.

Note that you must enter your name in full, otherwise Twitter will not confirm it, and then after entering your name, select Next.

In the next section, you must enter your mobile phone number. In the beginning, to enter your phone number, you must select the name of your country, after which you will see your country code placed in the relevant field and your phone number in the box. Enter.

After entering the Twitter phone number, it will send a message with the verification code in the Twitter account, and immediately enter the relevant code on the next page, so that after you are confirmed by Twitter, you will be transferred to the next page.

After that, it will ask you for its email address, which must be entered in the relevant box, and then select the next option.

In the next section, Twitter will ask you to create a username for your account. Note that the name you choose in this section is the same name that everyone on Twitter knows you by, and your account is your name. Introduced to people.

Now you have to enter your name, but if the name you enter in this selection field has already been chosen by someone else, Twitter will not accept it and will give you a message that this name has already been used, so you must Change where you no longer receive this message.

Of course, in the Suggestion section, you can choose the appropriate name from the suggested names of Twitter. After selecting the username in the next section, you must enter and select a password to log in to your account, but this password should not be less than 6 characters.

Now you have to select the next option to select one of the options displayed for you on the next page, which includes categories, according to your interests, and in the next section below The categories of the option are displayed and in this section, you have to select your interest.

After selecting your fashion interest, Twitter will give you a message asking if you want to suggest people in this category and follow them. If your answer is yes, select yes, sync contacts. Otherwise, you can select the skip for now option.

The next page also asks if you want to access location services, which can also be approved or denied here. And in the last part, to send follow-up notifications, it suggests sending a request to activate and deactivate them, and you can select any of them.

Your Twitter account is currently active and can be used, or you can refer to your profile in the next sections and complete all the information about yourself in that section.

Complete the information after Create a Twitter account

Now you have created your Twitter account and created it, but note that your profile is empty and people are only provided with a name that is a user account, and other information can be added to it. He also chose an image.

To do this, you must click on the Settings option at all to display all the options available in it, and in this section, many changes can be made, which we are currently facing in the section of entering our information, and we must Enter all information about your business account or.

Select the Profile option, then on the next page you will see that in the code ravel to create an image, you have to click on the change photo option to be able to change the profile photo that we have already selected. Or if we have not added any photo to our profile, now we will add a new photo to it.

The next part also includes the change header menu, which can be selected by changing the header, and in other boxes, you can also change the name and location, or inter them in this part, if we have not entered the account at the beginning of the field. entered.

The next box is for adding a website, which can be entered completely in this section, and when it turns blue, it means that it has been entered correctly, and people will click on it. They can enter your website on it.

In the next part, which is for bio and is one of the most important things for people, you can select and enter some information about your introduction in this section, and by it, you can introduce yourself to people, if Enter your bio correctly and attractively. You encourage people to follow and this will increase the number of your followers on Twitter.

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