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Create a Tik Tok account

Create TikTok account

Create a TikTok account- You do not have to be active in this application or make new videos every day to be in the TikTok app. You can only use this app for entertainment or pastime.

If you just want to try out Tik Tok and see what kind of videos you can find in this app and what kind of activity is allowed in this app, and understand the whole process of this app, you need a Have an account.

In this section we will explain how you can create and manage a TikTok account:

You must first download the TikTok app for iOS or Android. You can use Google Play or the App Store to download this application.

To Create a TikTok account, you must be over 13 years old, otherwise, TikTok will not allow you to create an account unless you save your year of birth to be able to work in this program.

If you like to be active in this popular app; To create a TikTok account, you can set up an account in accordance with the principles of TikTok and share your videos and posts. So that you can communicate with the users involved in this environment by sharing your videos.

The first time you open this program, or in other words, it asks you questions that you are obliged to answer in order to progress better in this program and increase the program statistics.

You will first be asked about the style of videos you are interested in. By offering options about the video genre (options such as entertainment, comedy, beauty, talent, animals, education, etc.) it asks you to select one or more options,

In this way, it can be informed about your interests, and in this way, you announce your taste to the program, so that the program will show you more videos related to your interests in TikTok.

Before sharing and uploading posts in Tik Tok, you must set up your account in this program, in fact, you must Create a TikTok account. There are many different ways to do this. For example, to create an account, you can use your personal phone number, email, a Facebook account with your Instagram, Twitter, or Google Play.

When you create your Tik Tok account, a QR code is generated for your account that is only relevant to your account.

By accessing this personal code, you must go to your profile page in this program and then touch the square option at the top right on this page.

This box is the specific code for your account. You can save this QR code to your Tik Tok or scan the QR code of your friends in this section.

The great thing about this QR code is that you can use it to search for and follow other people’s accounts and watch their videos.

After running and entering the TikTok app, you will see several symbols or icons on the main page at the bottom of the page. At the bottom right there is an icon titled (ME) that represents your page. Clicking on this icon will take you to your profile page.

After you have created the TikTok account and created the account, you should know that in this program, like the Instagram application, you can put your account in either private or public mode.

If you do not want your videos and posts to be seen or accessed by strangers, you can easily private your account with a very simple move.

To do this, first of all, as we said, you have to go to the icon of your profile page, as mentioned, this icon is marked on the right side of the bottom bar of the program with the word (Me). Once you enter this useful section, you will see a three-dot icon at the top of the page. By tapping on it and selecting the settings section, you can go to your TikTok user page settings.

In this section, you need to go to the Privacy and Safety section, then you will be faced with options that you need to activate the Private Account option. By selecting this option, your Tik Tok account is simply privatized.

Once your TikTok account is created while your TikTok account is private, other users will not be able to view your personal videos and posts without your permission.

You should also be asked to see your page, and you can choose who sees your page and who you do not allow on your personal page.

In this section, you can set other privacy settings related to comments, feedback, messages, etc., according to your choice.

As you can see, working with this popular program is not a difficult task at all and all the points of this program are very easy and hassle-free.

On the main page of the upper part, you are faced with two options, Following and For You, the first of which shows you only the videos of the accounts that you follow, and the second of which will introduce you to popular and popular videos all over the world.

You can view the previous video by scrolling up the page in one video and the previous video by scrolling down the page.

Also when a user’s videos caught your eye and you wanted to follow him. By touching the profile icon of the person in question at the top right of the video page, you can see the page of the user who shared that video and also follow him.

You can like the video as a sign by tapping the heart mark on the right side of the page. By doing this, the heart turns pink. In addition, you can double-click in the middle of the video to do the likes and dislikes action, in which case your empty heart turns reddish-pink.

Also, by clicking on the bubble next to the image, you can be directed to the comments section and see the comments of other users, and post your own comments.

The arrow marks to the right of the video image you see; There is also a place to share the video or post it with other people, by selecting which you can even share the video from the social network Tik Tokto other applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp or Instagram.

Also, this arrow-shaped icon on the right side of the video screen includes other attractive options and features that you can take advantage of by clicking on those options and selecting them. Features such as converting video to a gif file, saving video and

In the Tik Tok app, you can easily download the video you watched and save it on your phone, and even upload the video to other social networks.

To download the video from the Tik Tok app, as expected, you first need to open the video you want and then touch the icon that looks like a flash to display the movie sharing options.

In this section, you will see an option called Save Video, select it to download the video and save it in the gallery of your mobile phone.

If you are a Tik Tok user and work in this program, you probably want to find a sound or music and use it in your videos, to find the song or sound that is on the video. Like other apps, you do not need to install music recognition apps or apps like this,

If, while watching another person’s video on TikTok, you liked the song of your choice and were interested in knowing the name of that song; You can easily do all this by touching the Vinyl Record icon, which is similar to a disc and is located at the bottom right.

By selecting the disk-like icon located at the bottom right of the screen, you can simply listen to the background song on which the video is playing, and also save it to your account.

And to download the song, the TikTok app will show you the name of the song or song, and download it, just search for the name of the song in a search engine like Google.

Also noteworthy about this disc-like icon is that by touching it you can even see other videos that use this background song and are in TikTok.

You can move the page to the left to see the profile picture or video of the person who posted the video, and by tapping the search icon at the bottom of the page, you can see the most viewed videos.

Note that after creating and setting up a personal account in TikTok, if you want to delete your page, you must also delete your account. If you simply delete the application from your mobile phone, your account and videos and all items related to your account will remain in TikTok and you can reactivate TikTok again with the same account.

All you have to do is reinstall the TikTok app on your mobile phone and restart your previous user page in TikTok to re-enter a password or mobile number.

The amount of internet usage in this app is almost the same as the Instagram app, but you should keep in mind that in the TikTok app, the only video is uploaded, and it is quite logical that it may consume more internet volume than Instagram. . As a result, this program is more consumed than other programs.

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