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Cut the video message on the telegram

Cut the video message on the telegram

Cut the video message on the telegram – Cutting the Messenger Video to the Telegram: After introducing the Messenger Video feature and being used by users, it must be clear to them that, in a messaging video that they want to send to their friends, there are unwanted parts that they want to send. Sections do not. So with today’s topic, you can easily and easily save your favorite sections and cut out unwanted ones.

Run the telegram app to start cutting the video of the messenger. Now select one of your contacts and enter the regular chat window. Now to send the video message, first tap on the camera icon at the bottom right corner of your screen, and keep your finger on it to start recording your video message or video message. As mentioned before, the video footage is recorded when you hold your hand on the camera icon. If in the lower right corner of the telegram chat window, there was a microphone icon instead of the camera, with the fever on the microphone icon once again turning into a camera icon. Now if you use the lock instead of holding your hand on the camera icon, you no longer need to hold the camera icon and you can lift your hand. We have already explained the complete way to work with video messaging and video capture lock mode. You can learn the full tutorial on how to use a video message before reading this topic.

We now want to pause the video we captured in lock mode. So, after recording the video message, tap the red stop icon, which is a square in the lower right corner of your chat. You will now see a bar similar to the movie bar at the bottom of your chat page.

Cutting the film should take place on the film strip, so that you set the range for your video footage, and by clicking on the desired range of film tape, our video cutout is complete. Now click the rocket icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to send your video.

Cropping video telegram messages allows users to select only the desired parts of their video message, identifying the cut locations they want to film, and cut the video message and send it to their target audience. .

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