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Delete all Twitter tweets

Delete all Twitter tweets

Delete all Twitter tweets is an important feature that is a necessary step for all those who use Twitter and its account. When they want to delete their Toyota so that it can be deleted, the part is that It is not possible for people to delete all tweets on Twitter by Twitter.

Considering Toyota’s popularity among people, we can see that many Twitter users are used, so that the number of people who use Twitter is estimated to be more than one billion, and Twitter is also among the top 10 sites. The world is placed with the same interpretations can be said that one of the most important actions on Twitter is the elimination of Toyota.

But as mentioned above, it is not possible for people to delete Toyota on Twitter at once, so it is necessary to do so using other software and delete their tweets on Twitter by them.

In fact, people on Twitter can post 3,200 tweets, which can be deleted all at once using tweet removal software.

In this section, a number of software by which you can delete your tweets on Twitter are introduced and how to use and use them is also stated, so stay tuned until the end of the article.

Introducing  software to Delete all Twitter tweets

Delete tweets on Twitter using the tweet delete software

The first software that can be used by Toyota on Twitter at once, which is introduced in this section, is the software that can be used to use all of your Toyota according to the limit of tweets on Twitter, which is 3200 Tomans. Is and can be land at once. How to use it is that you must first refer to its site and after attending the site should be on the first page that all the terms and conditions of work and use are stated Confirm that this can be done by checking the options in this field.

Now in the next section, there is a green option called to sign in with Twitter, which you must click on, and then enter your Twitter account in the username and password section to access your account, then after forcing the account Select the authorize app option, in the next part of which there is a drop-down menu that you must select and specify how long to delete tweets in this section.

Now in the next section, you should find the red option delete all my existing tweets on the same page and activate the tick next to it.

The point that exists in this section and should be noted is that at the bottom of the red option that is stated in the previous section, there is another option, next to which there is an active piece, there is an option called the post to my feed that If this option is enabled, it will notify you when you delete your tweets, stating that you are using this software, so you need to uncheck this option.

There is also another option at the bottom of the above option that is placed to follow this software that if this option is checked, it will follow it for you, so if you want to follow it and you want it Do not follow You must also uncheck follow @ tweet_delete future update.

Now, after doing all the above, you must select the activate tweet delete option, so that all the Toyotas that were placed in a certain period of time and have specified this period will be deleted so that it can delete all its tweets using this software. Removed the app on Twitter.

Delete tweets using the tweet wipe software

Using this software, you can delete all the masses that are 3200, but note that they are more than this amount is not possible and only 3200 can be deleted and the rest of them are manually Therefore, to use this software, you must first refer to its site.

After visiting this site and using it, which is completely free, you must first select the get start option. You have done the initial action of removing Toyota at once. Then, in the next part, there is a security puzzle that is for To enter the next step, you must enter the code entered in the instructions of this puzzle in the box below so that you can find your way to the next section.

Then select the Proceed option and then if you have not logged in to Twitter before logging in to this app, in the new page that is displayed for you, you must select the Authorize App option and the option Select Yes, which is placed in red on the left side of the page. However, note that if you select this option, it means final confirmation and irreversible, so be careful in choosing it.

You will see that the amount of progress of the operation to delete tweets is displayed in the green bar, which may take a few minutes or several hours, or even several days, depending on the number of tweets you have. Depending on Twitter, the message “Looks Like You’re All Done” will eventually be displayed to you when you’re done, which means that all your tweets have been deleted.

Finally, you can select the Sign Out option to remove this program from your Twitter account and exit it.

Delete tweets using Cardigan software

This program, like other software, is used to delete Twitter tweets and can be used to delete 3200 on Twitter. This program is also reliable for people and can be easily used to use it only Must visit its site.

The important point in using this software that should be noted is that after deleting 3200 tweets, it is possible to delete the remaining tweets, so after visiting its site, you must select the Browse Tweets option. Then, in the next section, the Authorize app option must be selected to use this program to log in to your Twitter account and check the person’s tweets.

At this stage, it is possible that it will take some time, as this operation will take time depending on the number and amount of individual tweets. Next, there is a Delete All option at the top of the page that you must select.

The important point is that this part, like the Afrar software of the previous case, is irreversible if you select this option, so be careful in choosing it.

There is now a Delete to Confirm option on the page for this process and operation, which must be selected, and immediately after selecting it, the browser will move your program to the main page of the program, and of course, Deletes the time of tweets, the deletion of which also depends on their number, and its duration is determined according to this number.

In this way, using this software, you can delete your tweets on Twitter and manage them. The important point in using all the software that should be mentioned is that after doing this process And the operation of deleting tweets, you must cut off the access of the software to your account, and for each of them, according to the type of software, you must refer to your Twitter settings and cut off the access of all the software entered into your account.

Delete Twitter tweets at once using delete all tweets software

This software, like other software for deleting tweets, allows people to access it for free, through which you can delete all the last 3200 of your account. However, note that if you tweak your tweets with Delete using this software It will not be possible for Toyota to return and stop operations while deleting tweets, so be careful in choosing it, because if you are sure of deleting your tweets, do not do so.

Another point in using this software is that it should be noted that when deleting tweets, using this software, it will publish a tweet on your behalf for you and your account. It is forbidden to use this software in your account. To delete this tweet, you must deactivate it before performing the steps. In the continuation of the tutorial for using this software, we have also taught you this part, so stay with us until the end.

In the first part of the training, you should refer to the site of this software. To enter it, you must enter its site using your browsers and then select the Sign in with Twitter option, after which you can enter this site with your Twitter account. You will.

In the next part of the training steps for using this software, there is an Authorize app option, which is to give permission and approval to delete individual tweets, which must be selected so that individual tweets can be deleted.

The point in this section, which should be mentioned, is that if you have not logged into your Twitter account, the previous step will not be displayed for you, and another image will be displayed for you, which states that Is to log in with your Twitter account.

Then, by selecting the authorize app option, your tweets will start to be deleted, and people can use the green box called “tweets deleted so far” to see the progress of the work to delete their tweets. This software also determines the duration of deleting tweets according to their number.

Therefore, depending on the number of tweets, its duration can last a few minutes or even several hours, so it is recommended that people stay still at this stage before continuing the steps to see all the deletion of their tweets.

In this software, like other software, you have to remove your account access to it using your own methods.

Important points of using tweet removal software on Twitter

When using this software and each of them to delete their tweets, people should pay attention to the items mentioned in the tutorials, which are also explained in detail in this section.

The first thing to note is that deleting Toyota using this software is not a return, which means that if you have taken action using one of these software, you can not tweet at all. Restore deleted items or interrupt the process during the operation so people should be confident about their tweets and then take action.

Another thing that is very important in this section and should be mentioned is that before removing Toyota using any of the software, you should read the rules related to that software and then accept its terms because some Software can remove Toyota for weeks or even months, and if someone wants to make Toyota much faster than themselves, then pay attention to this.

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