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Delete Telegram Administrator

Delete Telegram Administrator

Delete Telegram Administrator – Delete Telegram Administrator: You may be the chief executive and creator of your telegram channel. And in the past you have also assigned several other managers to your channel for your own reasons.

But now you want to uninstall one or all of them. So that administrators become like your regular channel members.

Now, the reason you may have opted out of the telegram you chose is that you have lost your job and you can see that you can run the channel yourself.

Or you may find that it is better to remove them from the admin mode because of inappropriate administration. Because as you know, managing is not easy and finding a competent and capable manager can be a little difficult.

There may also be times when the admin himself is tired, or does not have enough time to manage, and asks the chief executive to remove him from office. So join us to learn how to remove channel managers.

How to Remove Admin from the Telegram Channel:Delete Telegram Administrator

First run the Telegram app. On the Telegram homepage, select your channel. Once logged in to the channel, now click on the name or profile picture of your channel at the top of it. On the page that opens, click the setting icon that looks like gear.

Now enter the Manage Channel window. Tap the Administrators option. By the way, the Administrators option can only view the original admin of the channel that is the creator of it. In this section you will see the administrations added. Tap on the name of the admin you want to delete with a few seconds. Then, from the menu that opens, select Remove to delete the person you want. The user status you are looking for now is similar to that of other audiences and is no longer your channel admin.

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