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Delete telegram messages

Delete telegram messages

Delete telegram messages – Tutorial on Deleting Telegram Messages and Telegram Chat History: In this section, we are going to teach you how to delete telegram chat history. But before that we explain the history of telegram chats. All messages that you send to groups, channels and channels in the two-person dialog box, or are sent and shared by its members, will remain archived. Occasionally, you might not like to keep this archive or history. To do this, you must perform the “Claire Historia” operation. This will erase all of your message archives and the messages will be archived from now on until you delete your telegram chat history.

How to delete telegram chat history:

You can erase the history of the dialog box or group in the telegram in two ways.

Method one) Delete telegram messages

Enter the Telegram app. Open the group or dialog box of the two people you want to delete its history. Tap on the three dot icons at the top right corner of the screen. A menu opens. Click on the second option, which is clear history, which means clear history. A window opens asking you are you sure you want to clear the history? You select ok to confirm. You will now see that all of your message history has been cleared. And you have a group or chat page empty of any kind of message. Now leave the chat or group environment and go to the section that lists all the groups, chats, channels and robots you see on the chat you performed Claire Hysteria wrote history was cleared.

Second method) Delete telegram messages

Enter the Telegram app. On the Telegram homepage, the part where you list all your two-person chat windows, groups, robots, and telegram channels, find among the list of options you wish to clear. And without pressing the tab, without pressing on its contents, press the chat with your finger for a few seconds. A menu now opens with three options. Select the second option, clear history, to clear your message archive.

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