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Delete Twitter account

Delete Twitter account

Delete your Twitter account is one of the most important things in using any of the social software that people delete their account for any reason, so if you are one of those people who decide to delete your account Delete it on Twitter, so stay tuned for the rest of the post.

If we want to introduce Twitter first, we must say that Twitter is one of the most popular social networks among users, which has gained a second place after Facebook in terms of its popularity.

In general, the use of any social software has its advantages and disadvantages, and some people use it properly and some people overuse them, so the decision They say that their account will not be deleted and they distance themselves from it.

But for how to delete your Twitter account, read the article in the following tutorial on deleting the account.

How to Delete Twitter account

First of all, it should be said that deleting an account on Twitter is possible in two ways, in the first method it is through deleting the account on the computer, and in the second method it is through deleting the account on mobile and mobile phone, which should be said to delete the subs via Mobile phones also have differences in Android and iOS versions, which is why in this section we have taught the removal of both operating versions.

So, to remove Hasal, in the first method, which is done through computers and mobile web versions, it should be done in such a way that you first refer to the Twitter site, and then enter the username and password after opening the site. And log in to your account.

After logging in to your account, you have to select the More option on the left side of your front page, which if you select it, you will see that there are options in the menu in front of you, which should include the Settings and Select privacy.

Then on the page where you were transferred, you must also select the account option, and then on the next page, you will see that there is a Deactivate your account option that you must select.

Now, after selecting the desired option, a warning message will appear, which warns us that if you select the Deactivate option in this section, you will deactivate your account. As a result, you must select the Deactivate option to delete your account.

Of course, you have to enter your account password and finally select the Deactivate option on the front page.

The important thing to note in this section is that one of the most important parts that Twitter has made possible for itself is that by deleting your Twitter account, your account will not be deleted directly and immediately.

In fact, after performing this operation, for a period of thirty days, it is possible to return your account, and if you do not return your account during this period, your account will be deleted, so there is a chance for people that if Regret your account.

Of course, in the continuation of this section, it should be said that deleting the account can be done in any way, using any of the web versions, or by its software. Return yourself.

But another method that should be taught in this section is deleting the account through mobile software, which we have provided for you to use in the Android method and iOS versions.

Delete Twitter account using its software in Android versions

Due to the fact that Twitter hashtag removal is present in all available versions, so when using any of the versions installed on your mobile phone, refer to your profile section in its software.

Then, after appearing on your account profile, tap on the profile menu at the top of the page to open the menu for you. Now in this menu, select the Settings and privacy option, and on the next page, you must also select the Account option.

In the next section, you must select the Deactivate your Account option among the available options, so that finally on the next page, the Deactivate option will be displayed for you, which is red, and if you select it, your account password will be displayed. Requests.

After entering the account password, you will see a message asking you to make sure your account has been deleted. In this section, you must select the Yes option to complete the account deletion process in this section as well.

Similarly, deleting the Twitter account by its software in Android versions was as mentioned, and then deleting the account through the iOS version, through which you must first go to the existing software and install Check the pliers on your mobile phone and open it.

Now on your Twitter page, tap on your profile at the top of the page to display its menu, and then after the menu appears, select Settings and privacy and click on it.

Then tap on the Account tab to select the Deactivate your account option in the next section and perform the process correctly, and in the next section, tap on the deactivate option to delete your account. Deleted.

Of course, if you choose to deactivate the account, it will ask you to enter the account password, which you must enter, then select the Deactivate option, and finally, in the last part, you must select the confirmation option, and so on. Deleting your account is done correctly.

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