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Desktop telegram shortcut

Desktop telegram shortcut

Desktop telegram shortcut – Teaching Telegram Shortcuts on Desktop Telegram (Desktop Telegram Shortcut): You dear users, if you don’t have an Android phone, you can log in to the telegram messenger and use your telegram app with your desktop telegram app.

Desktop Telegram is a version of the Telegram app that has many applications. You can also use the features of the program to learn more quickly and easily with its shortcuts.

Because it is much easier to work with a computer keyboard than a mobile keyboard, your Android phone’s memory may also be scarce. But the computer has more storage space for your photos, videos and telegram content to be shared.

So if you are using the Telegram app on your Android phone, it is best to try the Desktop Telegram to find out more and its features.

Desktop version of the Telegram app is built for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

The telegram application for the Windows operating system is available in both potable and installer versions. Telegram application for Linux operating system in two versions sixty-four bit and thirty-two bit. Telegram application for Mac OSX operating system for Windows and Linux.

On a desktop-mounted telegram, you can send any file up to one GB, just like a telegram mounted on your Android phone, and you can’t create a group just on a desktop-mounted telegram.

Follow us to teach your loved ones telegram shortcuts on the desktop.

Desktop Telegram Shortcuts:

Go to the next dialog page:

Ctrl + Tab

Ctrl + Page Down

Alt + Arrow Down

Go to previous dialog page:

Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Ctrl + Page up

Alt + Arrow up

Delete message:


Exit Telegram Application:

Ctrl + Q

Exit Telegram app and remain active in Tool Bar:

Ctrl + W

Search the Telegram:

Ctrl + F

Lock desktop desktop enabled:

Ctrl + L

Edit the last message you sent:

Arrow up

Minimize or minimize telegram application:

Ctrl + M

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