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Disable copy and forward

Disable copy and forward

Disable copy and forward –¬†Disable Copy and Forward Telegram Messages (Delete Copy and Forward): In Telegram Messenger, its members share their content. Sometimes members of a group or channel and … themselves are the source of the message. And other times they pick their favorite messages from another group.

These copying and forwarding of messages in the telegram will give more and more information. Because some of the messages that we are not the source of which we did not write them, are so enticing that it is unfortunate that others do not read them.

But there comes a time when the message owner, who is the source of the message, does not want his message to be duplicated in other groups and channels. And he wants that message to be shared by him alone and his message to remain in the same group.

Here’s a tutorial on how to prevent your message from being copied and forwarded in dialogs. So join us.

How to Disable Copy and Forward Telegram Messages (Delete Copy and Forward)

Telegram robots are very popular. We use Hide It Bot to hide the message and disable its copy and forward mode.

The Hide It Bot robot sends messages to members in secret.

First run the Telegram app. Then tap on any dialog you want to send a secret message and disable this feature. In the Messenger section, where you always type your message and then share. Type @HideItBot ID in the beginning of your message text.

Each message that starts after this ID can have up to two hundred characters.

After writing your message, you will now see a menu at the top of your message that has two options.

Option to hide message with question mark and option to hide message with black label.

As a result, after someone has copied or forwarded your message. Your message will be covered by a black tag or question mark and cannot be read.

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