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Edit Telegram Profile

Edit Telegram Profile

Edit Telegram Profile – Tutorial on changing your personal profile name and username in the telegram (Edit Telegram Profile).

How to change your personal profile name in the telegram (Edit Telegram Profile): First run the Telegram app. Then, on the main page of the telegram, click on the three lines above the top left corner of the page. Now from the menu that opens, select the setting option indicated by the gear icon. And click on it. In this section, you will see sections including:
info – settings – messages – support, each containing items. Now tap on the three dot icons at the top right corner of the screen. A menu opens with two options: Edit name and Log out.
Now select “Edit Names” to edit your profile name. There are now two boxes in this section. Type your first name in the box above and type your last name in the box below.
Now your name has been edited and if you click on the three line icons in the upper left corner of the page, you will see your full name in the bottom right corner of your profile photo below.Edit Telegram Profile
How to change your username in the telegram:
First run the Telegram app. Now click on the three-line icon at the top left of the screen. As you can see, a window opens with various options. Now you select the setting option.Edit Telegram Profile
A window opens with various sections. We enter the first part of it, info. This section contains two options. The first option is prefixed with the country where you live and your phone number.
The second option is your username or “ID”, the procedure is simple. All you need to do is click on the button, you can choose your username by clicking on the phrase choose user name. If you haven’t set your username yet, you can set your username or username.
Then type your desired name in the popup that opens and save the changes by tapping on the top of the screen. Then people can search you through your username and enter a dialog with you.

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