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Forward message in telegram

Forward message in telegram

Forward message in telegram – Forwarding messages on the telegram (Message Forwarding): Another feature of the telegram application is sharing messages by forwarding. For example, you are reading a shared message in a group of telegrams. You will then decide to send and share one of these messages to another group in which you are a member.

In addition to copying the message, you can also use the message forwarding method. One of the forwarding capabilities is that when you forward and share a message from a dialog to another dialog, it is written at the top of your forward message that your message is forwarded. Is .

It also specifies the source name.

Another forwarding feature is the ability to communicate with the forwarding message source. This means that the person to whom the message was forwarded will be redirected directly to the dialog with that member by clicking on the message source name written at the top of the message.

How to forward messages to the telegram:

The first method )Forward message in telegram

Run the Telegram app. On the Telegram homepage you will see a list of all the dialogs you are a member of.

Open one of the windows, for example open one of your telegram groups. Find the message you want to share with the other group. Then tap on the Forward Icon in the form of an arrow to the right.

A window opens that lists all the groups, channels, and members you have on the telegram homepage.

You can select and forward multiple dialog boxes from this field at the same time. By tapping on the “Document” option your message will be forwarded.

The second method )Forward message in telegram

Tap the message you want for a few seconds. A menu at the top of the screen will appear where you select the Forward Icon in the form of a straight arrow, and you will be taken to the Telegram homepage, where you will see a list of all dialog boxes.

Now your message will be forwarded by selecting the desired window and then clicking on the blue post icon at the bottom of the page.

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