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Foursquare robot

Foursquare robot

Foursquare robot – @Foursquare Robot Applications: The Foursquare robot captures your location and then places you like gas stations, hospitals, restaurants, bakeries, parks, cinemas, etc. around your location Shows you.

So the Foursquare Smart Robot helps you find places of interest near you and share them with your friends in the Telegram app.

How to work with a Foursquare robot:

First run the Telegram app. Now send a message to one of your audience or you can send it to yourself instead of others.

So type and send the @Foursquare message in the text field in the dialog box. Then the message you sent will turn blue.

So far we have done these steps to enable our robot. Now tap on the blue message you sent @Foursquare to redirect to the Foursquare robot dialog page.

The dialog with the Foursquare robot will open.

You will see a message in its window. The message tells us that the robot helps you find restaurants and other places near you and that you can share them with your friends in the telegram app.

Tap the Start button at the bottom of the screen.

The / start command is displayed in the window. The message will then be sent to you via the robot. Then activate your device’s location to find your location robot.

Now, for example, we want to know the park address near where we are at the moment.

So, as our device’s GPS is on, we type in the @Foursquare robot dialog:

@Foursquare park

Very complete and easy to find all the nearby parks with their map. Now we choose one of the parks.

As soon as you choose the park, it will send it to you. Now if you hit the park you can see clearly the map of the streets around the park.

The following is a message sent to you by the @Foursquare robot, pointing out that it can search all the places in the world, not just near you, but everywhere in the world.

For example, go ahead and search for the following address:

@Foursquare coffee near Paris

You will find that all the addresses that match our search will find the map for you. So you can type not only the address you are in but also other locations, indicating where they are near.

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