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General Telegram settings

General Telegram settings

General Telegram settings – General Telegram settings: For the Telegram app settings, go to the settings section and view and manage all your settings. To do this, click the three lines at the top of the telegram bar on the left and from the menu that opens there is a gear-like option with settings called settings. Now select it and click on it. In this section, you will find sections including: info – settings – messages – support, each containing items. If you click on the three-dot mark at the top right of this page, you can edit your name using the Edit name option and click save at the top of the page. From the bottom three point camera Frome camera and Frome gallery options you can select a photo for your profile that is visible to your telegram audience. Delet photo deletes your profile photo by selecting Delet photo.

Telegram General Settings: In the info section, the first option is your phone number, which you can modify when you enter a new number into the telegram. you did .

The second option is your ID, which you can define by using the click choose user name. Then people can search for you by your username. Remember to check the top of the screen to save settings.

General Telegram settings

Telegram general settings: In the settings section, the notifications and sounds option is about the type of notification and message notification. In this section the alert option makes the alarms sound or mute with the sound option. Enabling the messege privew option allows you to set some text to be displayed to you.

The next section is about messages you receive from groups that you can set up.

The next section is Privacy and security, which we will discuss separately due to the importance of the security tips contained in this section.

The next section is Data and storage, which is about information and information storage. Here are four options that can be downloaded automatically in one of the mobile, WiFi and roaming modes. Those with limited Internet access can choose whether or not to download automatic files using the When using mobile data option. This feature is also available for Wi-Fi and roaming.

General Telegram settings

The next option is chat back ground. You can change your chat page here.

Next options are the theme and language you want to customize.

The last part of the settings is the message settings, the most important of which is the save to gallery option, and if you select it all the photos that the telegram audience sends you are automatically saved to your gallery.

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