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Gif making tutorial

Gif making tutorial

Gif making tutorial – GIF Training in Telegram Application (GIF Training): GIF images were created in the year “one thousand nine hundred and eighty-seven” by Mr. Steve Weil.

GIF stands for “Graphics Interchange Format” meaning graphic exchange template.

Mr. Hyatt, based on a compression protocol, designed the GIF format.

The reason for the popularity of GIF images in the telegram is its compactness and fast delivery. GIF images are silent images, which are repeated in continuous playback.

Gif’s images are two hundred and fifty-six colors, indicating lower quality than video. These images have long been used on the Internet.

The use of GIF is very high. The most important application of GIF is to display low resolution (short resolution) clips as well as reduce the overall size of the uploaded file.

You can also bring a training elephant to the guif. This will keep your movie playing consistently and you will no longer have to replay your movie. This way you can view your movie in a plethora of ways.

Learn this method and use it in the telegram application and to send the gif images and share it in the telegram.

Follow along with us to teach you how to make a gif.

How to make a gif in a telegram:Gif making tutorial

We want to convert the video image into a GIF image.
To do this, first update your telegram application.
Then run the telegram. On the Telegram homepage, open the dialog you want.
Now tap on the clipboard icon at the bottom of the chat section. Then select the video option. To record a movie. You can also select a video from the Gallery section.
Tap on the gallery icon and select the movie you want. Tap on the movie to place it individually on a screen.
As you can see, below the movie you will see a movie bar. There is also a menu that includes “Document” options, Speaker, Icon Thirty Sixty, Speaker Icon, “T” Icon and “Cancel” option.

Now tap the speaker icon to silence your file. Tap the submit option at the bottom of the page.Gif making tutorial
Your gif was created. Your video will be sent as a gif to your audience.
You can now use this method to share your gifs on your Telegram messenger.

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