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Hashtag on Twitter

Hashtag on Twitter

The Hashtag on Twitter is used to group as well as categorize the content of tweets and content, which can be easily used by using its abbreviation next to keywords.

In fact, due to the popularity of Twitter among users and due to its great use among all its fans, it has caused Twitter and its site to be among the ten most visited sites in the world.

Due to this high level of popularity and use, the role of hashtags is very important for users, so it is very important to use it and how it works.

What is a Hashtag on Twitter?

Hashtags can be introduced in such a way that they are the same content and different topics that connect users all over Twitter, and of course, none of these users are related to each other and do not have Twitter user pages at all. They know.

One of the prominent features of hashtags is that by searching for a specific hashtag, you can see all the posts that have been published in relation to this hashtag in other people’s accounts, and They can be accessed so that you can easily view the topics of your interest in the desired category.

Another feature is that all people can use a variety of hashtags so that when searching for the hashtag by other people can be seen by everyone.

But the important part that we face in this article is the method and manner of using hashtags, which actually exist to use those two methods.

The first method uses hashtags in the text and the second method uses hashtags outside the text. Of course, before explaining any of these methods, it should be said that the abbreviation hashtags are #, which should be placed before each word or sentence.

To use it in sentences, note that you should not use a space between the words of your sentence and separate the words, but you should use the sign – to separate the words from each other so that the hashtag can be used. He easily searched for his opinion.

But to use hashtags in the text, it is in this way that in the text of your tweet, side by side with its sentences and words, you can use the hashtag symbol before your word, but the important issue in this regard is that Using this method causes an apparent clutter in it so that it distracts the reader, but the important point is that by using it, you can increase the text of your tweet.

The second method for using hashtags is to use them outside the text, which in this way makes it look neat and beautiful, and many users use this method of hashtags in their tweet texts. They do.

An important feature of these hashtags is that in addition to adding beauty to your text, it makes the text look regular, which can be easily read. To use it, it is enough to just go to the next line. Go to your text, which for users who use the computer system, by pressing Enter on their keyboard screen, they can be easily transferred to the next line.

After you are in the next line, you should put the hashtag abbreviation before your word and sentence, and then you should use the space between all the words.

Therefore, according to the definitions that were mentioned in this section to use hashtags and all of them were stated, it should be said that all people can use hashtags, but the wind noted that one of the main conditions for using hashtags on The user page is public.

It should be said that if the user page is private, it is possible to use the hashtag, but it is only visible to those who are your followers and followers so that the hashtag you use is for everyone. People should be accessible and viewable You should change your page and account from private to public.

Find Hashtag on Twitter

To find the hashtags you want, there are various categories, and in the following, we will briefly introduce each of those types of categories.

Top, which is actually the first category of this section and is displayed by default for all people in this section, and means the best or most popular, which shows a large number of tweets in this category. It gives the most discussion about it.

Given that this section contains the most discussions, it can be seen that this section has been expressed by many people who have many followers or followers.

Live, which is the next category in that section, means life, and to define it, we can say that in these categories, the nuclei that have just been added and people on Twitter have recently used them.

News is another category that, as its name implies, means news and its margins, so it displays all the hashtags that are in this category, and these hashtags are news and publishers And all the news sources have put.

Photos, which means photos and images, and in this type of category, display images and photos along with the hashtags in it, and to use it and watch this type of hashtag, it is enough to click on each Click from these categories.

Videos are the next category that shows all the videos and videos containing the hashtag in this section.

More Options are a category that according to the name of this section, means more tools, by clicking on it, you can see different categories and other different.

Among the various categories in this section, you can name your friends’ hashtags, which by clicking on it, you can see all the hashtags that your friends have used in their tweets.

Or you can go to the next category in this section to see all the hashtags that your friends, audience, and users are following. There are various other categories in this section that you can see all of them by referring to it.

The important point that exists in this section and it is very important to refer to it is that in this section, the hashtag you want can be selected in the search box, apart from selecting any of the categories. Search and then save the hashtag you searched for in this section using the Save this search option so that you can access it the next time you visit it without re-entering it. Kurds.

To access it next time, just click on the search section on this page, which can be clicked to see the hashtag.

Another point in this section is that on the right side of this page in the Relate Article section or the same related content, by referring to it, you can see all the Twitter hashtags that have more content than the latest, Of course, all hashtags are the same as those posted by Twitter and their co-publishers.

Also on the left side of the page, there is a Relate Search section which means related searches where you can find all the hashtags that are unofficially shared by other people or small campaigns or by other friends. Viewed and accessed them.

But to find the hashtag you want, you should pay attention to these items and use them to find your hashtag:

According to all the points mentioned, if you already know about your hashtag and in fact, you are fully aware of what hashtag you want to find, there are four ways to find it, all four of which include the following:

The first method is to use the simple Twitter search section, which can be used to easily find and achieve the hashtag you want, and the next method is to use the advanced Twitter search section. In this section, as in the first method, you can not find the hashtag you want and find it.

In the next method, using the search at the top of the page and on the right, you have to enter the desired hashtag in this section and search for it, and the last method is to find the hashtags using There is a URL section where you can directly enter your hashtag and find it. Found.

Another important point to find hashtags and it should be mentioned to use it is that if you are looking for a specific hashtag that you can see more details, it is better to use the hashtag search method. Used in an advanced way.

Also, in the advanced search of hashtags, you can find all the details related to hashtags, such as a specific language, or even the use of stickers and emojis for each hashtag or tweets with specific sentences.

In the hashtag search section, using the URL, you can find very popular hashtags, and in fact, to get the famous hashtags in the headline, the best part of this method is that in this section, you can search all the hashtags. Achieved its famous.

Of course, it should be noted that the order of displaying them on your Twitter is in accordance with the categories already specified in Twitter, and the most common order of displaying these hashtags is according to geographical location.

Twitter shows you all the hashtags close to your geographical location. To disable it, you can go to your Twitter settings and disable your location.

According to all the information and items mentioned in this section, you can easily use the very famous or hot hashtag in your tweets, which can even include photos or videos, to make your tweets attractive. And by making your page public, everyone can easily access your tweets by searching for hashtags.

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