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Hide Telegram Online Mode

Hide Telegram Online Mode

Hide Telegram Online Mode – Hide Telegram Online Mode: You may not want others to be aware of your online status at times when you are using the telegram app. Or just tell people about your latest status on the telegram, who are your friends and relatives.

Fortunately, there is this feature in the telegram, which you can determine, who will notice your online status and for whom your audience will keep this secret. So join us.

How to Hide Telegram Online Mode:

Hide Telegram Online Mode: Run the Telegram app first. Click the three-line icon at the top left of the screen. From the menu that opens, select the setting that looks like a gear icon to enter the Telegram settings. A window opens with four sections of Info, Sting, Messenger and Support. We’ve already explained all of these sections to your loved ones, and you can read the telegram settings if you wish, by going to the full list. Well right now we are working with Sting.

So in the Sting section, we select the privacy and security options available. Which is related to security settings.

A window opens where we work with the first part, privacy.

The second option in this section is last seen, which you saw earlier under your username. last seen It is your duty to display your online status and your last visit to the telegram.

There are three options in this section: every body – my contacts – No body. By selecting every body all your telegram contacts can be notified of your latest online status.

By selecting the my contacts option in the add exceptions section, you can show or disable your last visit and online status for one or more of your telegram contacts.

Select your contacts through the always share with and never share with options in the add users section.

The third option is No body, which by clicking on it and checking this section in the Always share with section none of your contacts will be notified of your latest telegram and online presence.

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