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How to figure out how we got hacked in the telegram

How to figure out how we got hacked in the telegram

How to figure out how we got hacked in the telegram – Viewing account-connected devices: You use your telegram messenger with only one account on your home computer or mobile device. But unfortunately there are profitable individuals who abuse your account and hack it without your knowledge (how to hack into telegram). For example, they send messages to your telegram audience, accessing all your photos, conversations, message archives and files. They monitor all your work and hijack your entire telegram account.

Fortunately, the telegram has the ability to view devices other than the one you use that has access to your account. If there is another device that has been hacked besides your mobile or tablet or the computer you use, the Telegram app has a solution for you, which can easily get rid of you. So join us.

How to get out of the telegram hack mode on the Android system: (How to get hacked in the telegram)

First run the Telegram app. Tap the icon on the top three lines to the left of the telegram. Now from the menu that opens, select the setting option. From the pop-up window, select the privacy and security option to enter the Telegram Security Settings section. A window now opens with three sections. In the security section, click the third option, Active sessions. As you can see, the name of your operating system and your model and IP are displayed along with the device to which you are connected to the telegram.

For example: telegram Android 3.18.1

LGELG-H324, Android SDK 21

How to figure out how we got hacked in the telegram

Therefore, if you see another device specification besides your device specification, click Terminate All Other Sessions to get rid of the other device to disconnect them from your account. Remove from this page.

How to get out of Hack Telegram on iOS:

First run the Telegram app. Now enter the Telegram setting menu. Click the terminate All Other Sessions option to delete devices other than your device.

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