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How to make telegram robot

How to make telegram robot

How to make telegram robot – Robot Messaging Tutorial: How to Make a Telegram Robot

When you are reporting, you cannot go to your contacts dialog and communicate.

Another application of the BotFather robot is for the time you are reporting. This way you can easily communicate with your audience and share your messages with this robot.

So your audience communicates with you through the ID you give them.

How to Build a Telegram Messenger Robot: How to Build a Telegram Robot

First run the Telegram app.How to make telegram robot

Then find one of your audience on the telegram homepage. Because you have to first send the name of the robot in the form of a message to one of your audience (or yourself) to enable the link.

Then tap on the robot name to enter the robot dialog box. Navigate to the BotFather robot dialog box and tap the start button at the bottom of the robot window to begin the connection.

Then type and send this command to BotFather:

/ Newbot

Now type in the name you want for your robot. Remember that this name must be non-repetitive and short. As :


Then type in an id for your robot that will end up being a bot. As :


You should now go to the dialog with another robot called Systemcodebot. Enter the dialog box of this robot. Then in the dialog box with the robot at the bottom of the screen, tap on the starter. Then tap on the “Build a Robot” option.

You should now copy and paste the token bot into the BotFather Bot dialog box.How to make telegram robot

Once your robot is created in the dialog box with the robot builder code system, the link will be sent to you here.

Now tap on your robot and start. Of course you must also give your robot ID to your audience so they can communicate with you.

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