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IFTTT registration

IFTTT registration

IFTTT registration – How to register for IFTTT (IFTTT Registration): The IFTTT robot is a smart robot. The IFTTT robot has many capabilities. Applications and capabilities of this robot include:

You can see these messages in your email when they are sending or sharing messages in a group, super group, channel, or with a friend;

Or when you tweet on Twitter, it will be sent to your telegram.

Other uses of the service include communication between Instagram and telegram chat.

Because this service communicates with other services; and some other applications can be controlled via the telegram application.

How to register for IFTTT:

To use this service you must go to the IFTTT site and create your own IFTTT account.

So first go to Tap on the sign up option at the top of the page to create an account.

After you have clicked on the sine-up option, now tap on the “Google White Container” option.

Then enter your email or phone number and hit the text key.

If you want to enter your phone number and live in Iran, type 98 first and then enter your mobile number without any delay.

On the next page you will receive a password that you will need to enter your email password in here. You will then be sent a six-digit code. As :


You have to enter these numbers. Now type in a password or passport that you didn’t use on any website.IFTTT registration

Now, in the upper right corner of the screen, tap on the profile photo and you will see these options from the menu that opens:

New Applet. Services .Settings. Sing out

You can adjust the IFTTT settings here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I disable the applet?


Any applet can be disabled after activation and if discontinued.

How to disable applets?IFTTT registration

To do this, go to the Telegrams applet list and tap on the appliance that is on or off and drag it to the opposite side to turn off or off.

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