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IFTTT robot

IFTTT robot

IFTTT robot –¬†Introduction to IFTTT Robot : The IFTTT robot stands for “IF This Then That”. And it means “if so then”.

This service is used when you want to create a conditional and automatic state between other applications and the telegram application.

This tutorial has been translated into several languages by the Fast Group team

For example, when a message is sent to you in a chat chat on the telegram, you can see your messages in your email.

Or when a tweet is sent on Twitter; it will be sent to your telegram.

Another example to mention here is when you get a picture on Instagram that you get the link from IFTTT in your telegram application and more.

The services that the telegram interacts with are numerous; here are a few:

Gmail service, Instagram service, Twitter service, spam service, not service.

Because the IFTTT service communicates with other services and some other app features can be controlled by the telegram application.

Therefore, the IFTTT robot creates conditional and automatic communication between other communication applications and the telegram and allows for a two-way interaction between applications.

You don’t need to be a programmer to work with an IFTTT robot. Because the telegram has already designed grammar codes. Each of these commands has its own function.

The telegram has assigned a proprietary code for each IFTTT command, referred to as Applet proprietary code, ie, small applications. If you insert the applet for your command into the robot dialog, your command will be activated.

The most important thing to note is that you must go to the IFTTT site and create an account before entering the IFTTT robot dialog box.

This tutorial has been translated into several languages by the Fast Group team

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