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IGTV Instagram

IGTV Instagram

IGTV Instagram– Why did IGTV enter Instagram? Instagram was one of the major social and photo-centric networks that we’re able to quickly gain a large share of the market, and now it was the turn of a large and fierce competition that wanted a competitor called YouTube and Google Instagram and a share of the video market from YouTube does its share.

And why make money? Surely you have seen that users and people who are in the field of video content production constantly ask their followers to follow them on YouTube channel, and this can be because inside YouTube, according to any circumstances, to its users. It has made it possible for them to make money.

And it is clear that Instagram had to create a monetization system for its users to prevent users and video producers from fleeing. And the question is, what does it take to make good money? Instagram has not yet released the full details of the terms and conditions of this new feature.

But what has been mentioned is that the video must be longer than 2 minutes and the copyright rules on Instagram for that new feature must be observed in general. Some of these videos must have been made by the user and not copied from elsewhere, which is perfectly normal and reasonable.

As you know, the number of views of videos with a few slides in Hashtag and Explorer is better, but with this, I think the robots and algorithms will move towards IGTV Instagram. But the more important issue is the increasing importance of video, which is sure to be the future of the market and sales in the hands of those who take video marketing seriously.

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