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Image Robot

Image Robot

Image Robot – @Pic robot (image robot): Another in-line telegram robot is the @pic robot. With these linear robots you can easily search your favorite subject in the telegram. Other features of the telegram are support for telegram robots, which doubles the efficiency of the telegram and adds to its appeal.

Telegram robots have different uses and applications. The @pic robot application is searching for images. This robot searches for these images from yandex reference.

So you can easily search for your favorite photo. The telegram first calls the robot. And then search for the Yandex reference by creating a space and then typing in the name of your favorite photo.

The maximum character used after the courier robot’s name is nineteen characters. After searching the Adegine Peak telegram robot, it will show you a few options that you can select your desired photo and easily download it there. And share and share with others from the same dialog.

When the robot searches your telegram, it also updates its messages in flight mode. And the in-app feature of the AdSense Peak robot is another feature of the robot.

How to use @pic robot: Image Robot

First, tap on the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the screen on the main page of the telegram. Then search for the Odyssey Peak robot. You will see the telegram find the pic bot option and select it and then tap on it. Now tap on the chat button at the bottom of your chat screen with this robot. Now your relationship begins. Now search for the photo you want:

@pic Your favorite photo nameImage Robot

As you can see, we need a space after typing in the name of the robot, Adesine Peak, and then type in the name of your favorite photo that you want to search for.

You will find that the Odyssey Peak robot will send you a photo if you find it. That is, in the same dialog that you are in, you download and view the desired image. You can also share it directly in other telegram windows.

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