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Influence in Tik Tok

Influence in TikTok

Influence in TikTok- The TikTok app, or in other words the same as the former music app, actually gives its users the ability to make short videos of 3 to 60 seconds and use them with attractive music as well as filters. And make beautiful and attractive in-app stickers and then share and see them with users all over the world.

This application, which is the cradle of design, production, and supply, reaches the Asian and populous country of China, is one of the most popular and attractive applications today.

In the first quarter of 2019, the app ranked third most downloaded worldwide and first in the United States, indicating its ubiquity worldwide.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, it was higher than the YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook applications in the ranking of the most downloaded applications.

As mentioned, the TikTok app is the program that has broken the record for the fastest growth among social networks in the short term, as well as the record for the most downloads in the world of the internet market.

This attractive program has become one of the most comprehensive and exclusive virtual networks due to its excellent and attractive features, which has found many fans around the world in a very short time.

The TikTok network itself and its program elements have led to a series of activities in this network as a TikTok influencer, and this title has been formed as a job.

In this article, we want to make you more familiar with the influencer job, which has received a lot of attention in TikTok today.

The world of social media alone has created a variety of jobs alongside them; Among these activities, we can mention as an influencer in various social networks.

Influence jobs in cyberspace do not follow a specific topic and everyone works in one part of this job, some in the food and food space, others in the field of instrument and song, and thousands of other topics and titles.

Influence on social media, one of the newest ways for users to make huge amounts of money online, has become well-established in the global Internet community over the past decade. Approximately 50% of those who work in cyberspace are either interested in the job or pursuing it.

Some people as Instagram influencers that have become very popular these days and have attracted the attention of many users. There are others as YouTube influencers (these people are called YouTubers) and there are other people and gamers on Twitch and Mixer social networks who stream games. They all make millions of dollars from it.

Most people who are interested in influencer jobs and want to get into this job are aware of the huge incomes and popularity and that is why they are trying to become famous in this network.

Some social media artists even link their accounts to Pateron to make money. In recent years, working as an influencer TikTok has also made many rich.

As mentioned, from the introduction of TikTok to the world in 2017 until now, we are in 2020. This program has the fastest audience attraction among all social networks and has been able to quickly record downloads and active users.

The program attracted 118 million new users in the last quarter of 2019 alone, and in the first quarter of 2020, it had over 800 million active users.

Also, the popular and entertaining application TikTok has been downloaded a billion times from various sites, browsers, and sources, and this record is increasing day by day.

It is interesting to know that although this application is Chinese and has caused a lot of noise in the world of politics. But about 50 percent of American teens have it installed, and a large portion of users are from India and Brazil.

You may be wondering why we did not write the name of China between these countries! We must say that in China, this application is available under another brand, and in fact, two versions of this program were created and released at the time of production.

One Chinese version is available to the Chinese under the Duin brand, and another is TikTok and is available to people around the world.

These two versions are interconnected, meaning that they are not separate, just because Google Play is not accessible to the Chinese people. This Chinese version was made so that the Chinese people can easily access it.

However, in other countries, this application is rapidly becoming popular. And it is currently blocked for users in some Middle Eastern countries due to political issues.

Have you ever heard the name Gen Z? Do you know which group of people this name is called?

Note that 26% of TikTok users are between 16 and 24 years old, which is the age group that uses the Internet as Generation Z (Gen Z).

It should also be noted that 61% of all users of the TikTok app are under 34 years old. This means that the age of active users in this network is low and in general, it can be said that this program is a youth-friendly program.

TikTok app is the first app on social media to target and allows small (elementary) kids to access it from the start. He also made room for himself in their smart devices and allowed them to be seen. Of course, it should not be forgotten that the age of activity in this network is +13.

This becomes even more apparent when we realize that the iPhone and iPod are devices that are becoming available to younger people every day.

Of course, the access of the younger ones to these devices is more for studying and attending virtual classes, but in their free time and for entertainment, TikTok will be an attractive program for them.

But the amazing thing is that TikTok has helped these audiences become content producers, engaging and entertaining content.

Now, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground, which is why many users of this network are attracted to it. Many users make money this way.

Act as a TikTok influencer and earn money:

Due to the rapid growth of the audience in the global and global program of TikTok, many people got the opportunity to become influential TikTok (TikTok) by making their own creative videos. Influencers attract the attention of companies or individuals for advertising and sponsorship on the popular personal page they have created.

For Influence on the TikTok app, one thing you should know is that the advertising methods in the TikTok app are very diverse. However, there are two general ways for influencers to earn money on TikTok, and the rest of the advertising methods that may exist on this network do not reach the influencers directly.

However, in order to be more popular among its users, TikTok, a popular program, is developing a platform to improve the income of influencers in this program.

1) Influencer ads TikTok :

If you start in the TikTok app and attract a lot of followers on your personal page and become a popular person who is seen every day,

After a while, the main site of this program will put a picture of your user page and your username in the list of TikTok creators.

A TikTok creator is a place that introduces you to brands or people or organizations that are looking for famous and popular people for advertising and also brings capabilities for them and benefits for you.

In this section, people or organizations that intend to advertise, can place their ads before your video, and at the beginning of your video, their ads are shown first, and then your video begins. Then you will get a part of the profit of these advertisements and it will bring you a good income

2) Use of direct advertising:

One of the simplest methods of advertising is direct advertising. This means that you interact directly with the person who intends to advertise.

If you are a popular influencer in the TikTok app and have chosen to work as an influence in TikTok; You can include a product or anything you need to promote your videos in your videos by receiving direct money from advertising companies.

Of course, you should keep in mind that companies that want to find you and work with you for advertising, in addition to your popularity, measure statistics and data on the amount of user interaction with you. Here, the number of followers alone does not matter much, and in addition to attracting followers, you must also interact with your audience.

There are many companies that go to influencer consulting companies to work with influencers so that they can find the most appropriate option for advertising their product.

So it is better that you be sure to introduce yourself and your active account to influenza consulting companies so that you can get better guidance for your work and companies can find you better and easier.

Two of the most well-known influencer consulting companies that offer the best services are Mediakix and hashtag idea.

Now, another point that may occupy your mind is what kind of money is possible to interact with this application.

If you want to work as a TikTok influencer and then attract foreign advertising; You need to know that your income or that of any other influencer in this network is in the form of international currency, ie dollars, and you can work with companies that cash foreign exchange income to cash in on your foreign exchange earnings.

But the limitation in this regard is that the TikTok app only supports the PayPal currency account and you must have a PayPal currency account.

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