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Instagram archive

Instagram Archive

Instagram archive or hidden Instagram feature: In this text, we want to tell you a new and attractive Instagram feature. This feature has been unveiled in the new Instagram update and has received a lot of attention among users. we give.

And today we want to talk to you about the secret feature of Instagram. This information, including your former IDs, your previous passwords, when you created your account, and even your previous biography, I think you find very interesting.

And now how do we see this information? First, enter the settings, then the security option, and click on the access data option. Archive: You can archive your posts and make them out of reach of others, but you can have full access to them whenever you want.

You will also have access to the stories you have previously shared after the 24-hour show expires from this section. Do not forget that if you archive a post, it will be displayed in the same order and position as it was sent before or after it was removed from the archive again.

And now we come to how to archive our posts on Instagram? To archive your posts on Instagram, when you decide to remove the posts you have on your Instagram page from the display mode, but you do not want to delete the post, you use this method to archive the posts. We use the following.

At the top of each post on Instagram, there are three dots that we select and then select the archive option. But if you want to return the archived photo to your page, you have to do the following: the settings and then the archive in this section, two modes are specified, one is the archive of stories and the other is the posts on Instagram.

According to our need, which is to restore the previously archived post, we select the post option, then select the three dots option above the post, show on profile, by selecting the above option, the post will be displayed on your page again.

In fact, archiving, in addition to the fact that the post goes on your profile page and no one can see it, is not deleted and is kept for you to return it or you can see it whenever you want.

The point is that our stories are only archived up to 24 hours after publication, and this is done automatically on Instagram. At any time we want. (Instagram Archive) The applications it can have are access to the content of our stories, and we can access them from the archive whenever we want.

And one of the things we should use in the archive section for Instagram posts is to archive our face posts. If we have a disability, but that post when sending posts. If our post has a problem, it is better not to delete it. And use the archive.

Our goal is to teach archives on how to archive your page information. Many of you have had the problem of losing your previous pages for any reason. We have decided to share this tutorial with you. Relieve yourself from jumping the page You can only have all your information archived.

Sometimes you need to have a backup of your Instagram page information so that if something happens to your page for any reason, all your information and memories on Instagram will not be lost, but what information does the backup give us? The file of all the photos and videos that you have posted or stored or sent directly, along with the texts and captions and all the direct chats of the follower list and follow-ups, is the biography of the page and a general summary of other information.

Now how do we do the backup? A setting, two security, three download data inside the posted page, first you enter your email and then click the request download option, enter your Instagram password on the next page and click next, and after 48 hours, an email from Instagram for You are sent. Download and save all the information on your page.

And last but not least, the Instagram archive is the same archive, meaning you hide your post but you can access it. But how can we delete the post or stories we have archived? First of all, you have to go to the archived section, where you select the photo or story you want to delete, click on the three dots and select the delete option.

What can we do to prevent the stories we post on Instagram from being archived? First, go to your personal page and enter the profile and select the privacy option in the settings section and then go to the caches section and then click the save option and then deactivate it on the archive.

One of the most used features of Instagram is the archive, which is very popular among users, and you can archive your photos and posts at any time. The archive is actually a good alternative to delete that you can still access the information.

You can turn on the save to archive option to save all the stories you put in automatically, even if the story time has passed. Remains in the archive.

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