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Instagram blue tick

Instagram blue tick

Instagram blue tick- Many friends have a problem with how to get a blue tick and add it to their page that for those of you who are going to sell on Instagram if you can get this tick, it is as if you have got an electronic credit symbol and a license to sell online. To do this, first, go to the Instagram settings section.

In the next step, click on the account option. In the next step, click on the request verification option.

In the last step, after completing the personal information, click on send at the end, and now we come to the beautiful place where you have a chance to receive a blue Instagram tick.

Special and important titles:

1- Have credibility in Google

2- Do not have fake followers

3- Do not report and as mentioned,

there are also fake blue ticks, but the real blue ticks are placed next to the page ID, which is a sign The authenticity of the page is confirmed by Instagram.

Having a correct and attractive biography and profile photo is another condition of the blue tick. The blue tick or VEIRFIEDBADGE includes an image similar to the one below, which is displayed next to the profile name and indicates that a social network account is official.

To formalize your page, Instagram takes a series of information from you, such as a passport photo, the field of activity, etc., so that your contacts can identify your page from other fake pages.

Terms of Instagram blue tick:

1- The first necessary condition is that your account must be valid, ie your account must be valid for a person or brand, so getting a blue Instagram tick is not provided for Instagram accounts that have a fun aspect.

2- Secondly, your account will be searched a lot by your contacts and you will even have many fans and fans of many Instagram pages. 3- Thirdly, your account should be unique and special, and there should be many visits to your page daily, and all your followers and visits should be real.

As a result, you have many ways to reach and get the blue tick, which is also very difficult, for example, the world’s most popular actors and world-famous celebrities, as well as those who are known, these people will soon get the blue tick of Instagram. Find. Until a normal person gets a blue tick.

And here we come to how to get a blue tick request on Instagram: As we said, to follow the blue tick request on Instagram, we go through the following steps, first of all, enter your page settings. And you select the account option and finally click on the request verification option, which opens a page for you where you have to type the requested information.

And send your passport photo as well. If your request is approved, the blue tick will be activated for you only within a month. Otherwise, your request on Instagram will be rejected. As we explained to you, the purpose of this text is how to request a tick Blue is on Instagram.

Unfortunately, many users do not know and pay a lot of money for this simple tutorial, and in the end, the blue tick is not activated for them because Instagram does not easily give the blue tick to its users, so you should be careful of profiteers and ticks. Be fake.

But the question is who can get (Instagram blue tick)? How to get (Instagram blue tick) like the algorithms he defined is not very clear and precise and it is not clear exactly who can have this tick, for example, many people and Instagram users do not have followers over one million blue ticks, and vice versa There are those who, for example, received a blue tick with five thousand followers.

But what good is a blue tick to us? If you own a brand or a large company, or you are even a person who thinks that your name may be misused or your followers will not be able to identify your original account from the fake account, having a confirmation check will cause you Be more recognizable and your account will be recognized by the general public.

The conditions for getting a blue tick can be a relatively large number of followers, or being a brand or being famous, or having a fan page and fake accounts, and a lot of activity, as well as not being reported.

The blue tick is an Instagram endorsement. The difference between pages that have and do not have an endorsement tick is like websites that have or do not have an electronic symbol. Naturally, the percentage of trust and confidence in websites with a trust mark is much higher.

Remember that when you receive a blue tick, users will look at you more, so you must be careful in producing and publishing your content. Validity: The account must represent a real person or a registered business or brand. The blue Instagram tick basically indicates the credibility of that brand or person.

If you have a page that works with yellow content, do not follow the blue tick too much and know that your account must be pop-up and all the details of your name, biography, and profile picture must be related to a real person or business. As mentioned, Instagram does not specify who gives a blue tick, but what is clear is the authenticity of your page.

And in fact, Instagram looks at your activity and the relevance of your content, so by following the rules mentioned, you can reach your goal over time and get a blue tick from Instagram. And this makes your page valid and credible for all users.

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