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Instagram Direct

Instagram Direct

Instagram Direct- In order to read the directive that was sent to you but not to be seen by the other party, you must use the following methods: In this text, we want to teach you how to read the message that comes to us directly without being seen. To learn this trick, first of all, in the Instagram search section, search for the account you want that you do not want to see directly, and then, when you enter the desired page, click on the three points at the top of the page so that the following options appear.

Finally, click on the restrict option, and in the window that opens, give a description that will click on the restrict account option. When you return to your direct and refresh once, this option + will be displayed. Enter this option. As you can see the message of the person in question appears in the requests. Click on the desired page to enter directly.

Now you can read the direct without eating the seen message. Finally, to exit the restrict mode, press the restrict option to return to the previous state. This is a simple and useful trick that is not useful for the other party. As a way of turning off the internet and reading directly, and so on, there are things that do not need to turn off the phone in this trick. This trick is only used in emergencies.

But there is a way to restrict directness on Instagram. First, enter the Instagram settings, then enter the privacy section, and then enter the messages section, and in allow new messages, if you want everyone to be allowed to send new direct messages, every one option. Select and select only the people you follow if you want only the people you follow to be allowed to send messages.

And in the section allow others two add … if you want everyone to be allowed to join your group everyone and if you want only people who are everyone.

Secret reading of Instagram Direct

Your Instagram needs to be updated and you can take advantage of this trick by using the restrict feature. First, enter the profile of the person and select the restrict option by hitting the top three right on his profile. From now on, every message from the person in question will come to you directly as a request, and you can read the messages without being seen and respond whenever you want.

Finally, the expectations are over and Instagram has added direct capability to the desktop version. If like me, you get neck and finger pain after answering direct messages from your phone, it is better to go to the desktop version of this feature for business pages and bloggers and influencers, whose direct lines are always exploding.

Have you used this new feature or not yet? Do you need to use it at all? In fact, this new feature, like all new Instagram updates or updates, has not yet been activated for some accounts, and it will take some time for it to be activated for everyone.

Sales via Instagram Direct: One of the most frequently asked questions by friends is how to sell via Instagram Directly. Unfortunately, we see many friends with their clumsy behavior and attitude while losing customers and reducing the sales of their own brand. They discredit.

As we have always said, sales is a psychological issue and should be based on human behavior and relationships, which we basically call effective interaction and communication. Today, we want to do this for you with a few simple examples and a series of practical tips. Let’s leave. So stay with me.

What is the solution and algorithm to turn the audience into a customer through Instagram Direct? Only effective sales communication is a psychological issue. You should never take a stand or take a stand in front of a customer. How to give Direct like a professional? We want to see how we can direct like a professional to get our direct response.

First of all, never voice and do not start your chat with Voice. Especially business and work pages that have less time to listen. Second, do not prolong your question, or if you have something else to say, summarize it in a useful and short way so that the person is encouraged to read. Thirdly, do not send your message as a blank greeting, in fact, say the main point and do not miss the opportunity given to you, and go to the main point and your word briefly at the first opportunity.

Be concise and useful. What we always say. Be sure to read the post and the text concisely and usefully. It is short and at the same time clear. Do not specify how they send directly.

As we said, do not procrastinate too much and conclude the discussion quickly, and do not expect the other person to give you all his time. When you want to offer a product introduction service or anything you want to offer to people at all, the worst way is direct. In these cases, there are three cases, either they do not like your message at all, or they just like it, or they report you.

Therefore, do not go directly to provide services. Direct is one of the communication tools that we can use to talk to our followers. In business pages or creators, using this tool helps you to increase your communication with your followers.

But why is it so important to connect with your audience? It’s easy to connect with users and answer their questions, which means you value your users a lot.

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