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Instagram effect

Instagram effect

Instagram effect- When you want to talk about storytelling, Instagram stories give you several options that you can use to create a more attractive image of beautiful posts that will attract the attention of users.

One of these options can be a rainbow effect that you can use to give your stories a new color and glaze and make them unique with the colors you like and want. To be attractive to the viewer as well.

And in order for you to use the rainbow effect, you must first tap on your written text and then select it. Then press the color palette tool and hold it at the bottom of the screen. And then by doing this, the color spectrum will open for you. Hold one finger on the opened spectrum and at the same time hold your other finger to the right of the selected text, and now if you drag both fingers to the left at the same time. You can choose a different and specific color for each letter.

And how to use (Instagram effects) well? If you saw an effect in the story of another person or another user in the cyberspace of Instagram and you became interested in it and you wanted to have that effect, just click on the effect at the top of the story and the same will happen to you. Save the effect.

And then after clicking at the bottom of your page, a window with the camera icon will open for you, with this option you can save the effect and even send it to your friends or even test and report.

Also, if we want to search for a new effect, it must be in normal mode when you open the camera. And click on the last circle called BROWSE EFFECTS.

And then you can search for the name of a special and famous effect or designer by selecting the search option. And you will see different categories that you can click on any of the effects you want and send it to others and other users from the bottom of the page and save and test it.

Last year, Instagram expanded its story feature to compete with Snapchat, including color canvas, video, hands-free, sticker, selfie, and filters. And now, in an interesting move, one of Snapchat’s favorite features has been added to Instagram, but the Instagram effects, in addition to the fan and head heating aspects, will also help businesses in the near future.

You can use these effects as well as live in the story, whether photo or video, and enjoy it, and you can challenge your followers and followers more with this trick and the way it exists. And have it for yourself, and maybe as you increase the number of your followers, your growth and development will increase a lot.

As mentioned in the previous text, you can use effects that are for the face, in this case, you will be more attractive, and also Snapchat users are fully acquainted with this method, and when you pay attention, face filters are pro It has more and users welcome it more.

And the things you need to know for Instagram effect or face filter is that this feature means using this face effect is active in stories and lives, and it does not matter if your camera is backward or forwards, it means that the main camera or the camera Selfie, In any case, you can use this feature effectively.

And also inside your effect story or your filter can be in normal handsfree or canvas color rewind or even other modes.

But when we want to use this feature, we must pay attention to the following points and go through the following steps. You first enter the Instagram application and immediately select the desired photo by selecting the story option, or the desired photo. You get it and then at the bottom right there is an emoticon where you can select the effect you want and click on it.

But what can it be like to take a photo using the Instagram effect? First, just enter your story, and then after you have used the effect for your video or photo. And then to take a photo or video, all you have to do is select the middle option, but with a long touch, you can easily make a movie or video.

Or if you want to deactivate your effects in the Instagram story, you must first select the emoticon option again, in which case it will be deactivated for you and will be hidden on the effects.

And you can also save other types of effects and filters that you like. To do this, just write your desired effect in the search field to display different effects for you. You can save any of them on Instagram.

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